Two days before Christmas

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Father Denis Vaillancourt,  the former long-time Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall,  has been sentenced to 12 months house arrest, followed by 12 months probation and must donate $500 towards charity.

Thankfully for the victim and his family it’s over.  Please keep them in your prayers.


I am sick.  Just sick.

Look at this:

As you see, I highlighted that “good” news.

Ottawa’s Archbishop Prendergast has appointed Father Stephen Amesse as Associate Rector at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa.

This is the priest who, as a layman, assisted in the compilation of the CCCB’s 1992 sex abuse guidelines but at his own sex abuse trial claimed he didn’t know what grooming was! Not only that, he essentially testified that  a 14-year-old boy is not a child!

And, yes, this is the priest whose friend Eric is a body builder in the States.  Eric, who shaves his body, probably – as the Crown suggested and the complainant “Robert” said he was told – to make his muscles stand out.    That’s Eric the body builder, who I personally discovered, has very nude and filthy pictures posted in several places online, including on sites which feature gay porn.

Yes indeed, this is the priest who bought Robert  a body shaver!

It’s Father Amesse, the priest who testified that he shaves his body because he doesn’t like the feel of hair on his clothing.

Enough.  I suggest that those who are not familiar with the sorry and thoroughly disgusting  tale of the Father Stephen Amesse sex trial and  acquittal read  the following blogs:

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As I say, I am sick with this news.

What a Christmas gift from Archbishop Prendergast to those poor souls  at St. Patrick’s Basilica!  Imagine.  Two days before Christmas.

More about this as I think it through..

Enough for now,



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15 Responses to Two days before Christmas

  1. Sylvia says:

    The sentencing for Father Denis Vaillanocoutt is actually a mere 6 months conditional sentence followed by six months house arrest – then one year probation, and a registered sex offender for ten years@

    15 December 2017: Retired priest sentenced in Cornwall to house arrest, curfew, probation

    The damage done by this wolf in sheep’s clothing seems to be totally irrelevant .

    Please keep the victim and his family in your prayers. As is so often the case when the predatory priest is a close family friend, I can not begin to conceive the level and depth of betrayal which they have suffered.

  2. Robert Lackey says:

    Acquitted/ not guilty means just that “innocent” .After three years of waiting for others to come forward (and none did), clearly the victim could easily be Father Amesse .Your intention is clear , make Fr. Amesse a perpetual victim . How does your “conscience” rationalize that as your Christian mission?

    • Sylvia says:

      I stand by my comments Robert.

      • F. Moore says:


        As a by-stander just browsing through your site after linking from a news article, I feel I must reach out to you. It is apparent to me that you have become unhealthily obsessed with this topic. It must consume you. After spending considerable time reading your posts, the data you have provided in some instances is obviously hearsay and based on pure opinion. You have taken the liberty of elevating your judgement over that of seasoned professionals and groups of people who have had much more access to trial data than you have. Please take time to reflect on this. Your writings demonstrate that you have a biased lens and apparently all accused are guilty in your view. Not one of the priests mentioned who have been acquitted have you permitted yourself to believe to be innocent of charges perhaps wrongly brought upon them. History shows that this type of behavior has led to much pain and suffering of innocent people. I can only think of the story of St. Paul here. I think you may be doing harm to folks that are, in effect, victims of misguided people who are in search of irrelevant revenge or funds. I pray for you, that you may find joy in your life elsewhere. Merry Christmas and may the new year bring you new hope and a new hobby!

        • Joe Barriault says:

          Sylvia provides us a very important service….. and we will defend her when she needs it…… all of sylvias comments here are facts that were admitted in court by the accused. Perhaps it is you and Robert who have the unhealthy obsession? Nothing about amesses behavior is normal. Stop being an enabler! …. now on to more important issues….. did you seriously just say victims are only after revenge or money? Seriously go duck yourself.

        • john Grant says:

          “As a by-stander just browsing through your site ” You are a liar and a goof.

        • Larry Green says:

          F. Moore, as fate would have it, that news article was Sylvia’s saving grace. She is now on a road to recovery…all thanks to your linking up here on her site, browsing through, assessing her health, diagnosis, recommended treatment. Merry Christmas to you too.
          BTW Instead of F. Moore, why not take the F off ?

        • BC says:

          Your issue F. Moore is with the Crown and Law Enforcement; not with Sylvia/the media and/or plaintiffs per se. Only the Crown can charge a person in Canada. So what you are effectively saying is what most goofs keep repeating to themselves and to other goofs: that they’ve been victimized in a conspiracy involving law enforcement and crown attorneys. You are (also) wrong about this being a money grab scam; Father Amesse was tried in a criminal proceeding.

          Any mature male( straight, gay or bi-sexual) who represents that he is celibate and chaste has credibility issues if he get’s himself into a situation where he has to publicly explain why he gave a body shaver to a troubled teen.

          And if the messenger can`t be trusted to deliver a message it`s importance is irrelevant. There is a problem with needy; attention seeking priests like Father Amesse who surround themselves with personnal followers to shield them. And the thing about this problem is that the more the Church attempts to move it from here to there; the less it goes anywhere at all.

          Thank you for posting about Father Amesse F. Moore.
          Please do it again. Google’s bots notice these trends and so more content regarding Father Amesse will show up sooner than later.

    • Joe Barriault says:

      Not guilty does not mean innocent…. it is cute that you think that. Buying a teen a personal shaver …. claiming to not know what grooming is…. the whole Eric the bodybuilder thing. He may have fooled the court of law…… he did not fool the court of public opinion, which has a totally different set of rules!

    • Larry Green says:

      Robert Lackey, “After three years of waiting for others to come forward (and none did), clearly the victim could easily be Father Amesse.” This is CLEARLY your conclusion? It takes decades for victims who do come forward, often because when a child is raped by their parish priest, the child feels the guilt and the shame – when all things are normal, guilt naturally imputes sin. It takes excruciating years of struggling through the various stages of life for the person to eventually come to realize that he/she is the victim , not the one to whom the guilt and shame rightfully belong. By that time, if the victim is compelled from within to expose the pedophile for the sake of restoring some sense of justice, he/she must be willing to relive -with others in his life- his childhood rape experience with Fr. Amesse – his first experience with a monster which would lay unbearably heavy burden at every stage for the rest of his life. Most victims of pedophiles, the like of your wonderful Fr. Ameese, find it to much to ever come forward, to the delight and calculations of Amesse and his despicable kind. They get away with rape everyday in the courts but NEVER does the court send them off as INNOCENT. Not guilty means that the victim couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty. It does not mean that there was no proof, only not enough, because some great lawyers were good at supressing real facts and real proof. Your man is guilty, but now he’s free to go babysit your kids or your grandkids or whatever….give him a call, I bet he’d be happy to.

  3. Rachael O Reilly says:

    Are Canadian courts ‘softer’ on clerical paedophiles than say courts in USA, UK or Australia?

    It appears that the Canadian judicial system is not issuing the sentences these SOB’S need and justice demands.

    Any clarification

    Thank you

  4. Prima Facie (James P. Bateman) says:

    Rachael: I believe Canadian Courts are “softer”, as you put it. In addition, if you have not seen the movie “SPOTLIGHT”, I suggest you watch it. You can watch it on “You Tube” also. Everything in the movie is exactly what has happened in Cornwall, Ontario and various Canadian venues. With exception to one major issue; NO news media was/is able to conduct the investigations and spend the money that they did in Boston. Otherwise, I’m sure there would be more disclosure and a different story in Canada regarding a better justice system. In addition, Sylvia has recently left to visit in the U.S.A. over Christmas. She stated she would check the site periodically. Typically, in dysfunctional, abusive settings, when “the Guardian” so-to-speak is away, the enablers, blind followers of accused or guilty predators, will troll.

  5. Prima Facie (James P. Bateman) says:

    In my previous post, I write about the news media not being able to investigate and spend lots of money to get the facts into the light of day. More importantly, I refer to the movie “SPOTLIGHT” again. There has to be a willingness to investigate. In the movie, despite the efforts of powerful individuals and institutions to stop the reporters, the reporters drove forward. In Canada, there is too much control and influence by the “Powerful”. Also, reporters are re-assigned when they start to really understand what is going on and they are basically “gagged”.

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