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Today is day one of Father Brian Boucher’s tw0-day preliminary hearing.  There will without doubt be a publication ban on all testimony and evidence so even if there is media present we wont hear anything about the allegations themselves.  We could however get news of the numbers of people in the courtroom, and Father Boucher’s  demeanor throughout the day.

Boucher, you may recall, was charged in January of this year.  The charges laid relate to sexual offences which are alleged to have transpired between 1994 and 2011.

Father Boucher was ordained  07 June 1996.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers /


After the recent acquittal of  serial molester Marcel LalondeI left Cornwall and returned home angry and frustrated.  Yes, I do often get angry and frustrated, but in this instance I really felt that my anger was unhealthy and such that I  would be wise to remain silent for a spell . I truly  am no good to anyone in that state 🙁

So, … I directed my energies into sorting and wrapping Christmas gifts .  It was good therapy – a pleasant task which consumes a lot of time and had to be done.  Think time 🙂


Sentencing for former long-time Chancellor of the scandal-plagues Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese Denis Vaillancourt is tomorrow:

15 December 201710  9 am, sentencing, courtroom #7, Cornwall Ontario courthouse (29 Second St. W.)


I had hoped to travel down to Cornwall for the sentencing but don’t think now that that will be possible.  I’m off to Alabama next week for Christmas  – lots to do and little time before departure,  and I really do want to and must  say a few words about the Lalonde acquittal.

Please keep the victim and his very supportive family in your prayers.  Let’s pray that justice is done and that this wolf in sheep’s clothing will serve at least a little while in jail for his crimes.

I encourage those who can do so to attend.

Enough for now,


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