Several things of note

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There are several things of note today:

(1)  Father Paul Breau

Sex assault charges which had been laid against Father Paul (Archdiocese of Moncton) have been withdrawn:

07 December 2017: Priest accused of sexual assault won’t have to go through trial

Did the plaintiff who filed the lawsuit  alleging repeated sexual abuse in the early 80s at the hands of both Fathers Paul Breau and Yvon Arsenault go to police?  Is that where these charges came from?  Or, is there someone else who is reporting sexual abuse at the hands of Father Breau?  Does anyone know?

(2)  Father Hope Klutsey sma

Father Hope Klutsey, as priest with the Society of African Missions arrived in the Archdiocese of Regina Saskatchewan December 2013 and departed suddenly and quietly in late October or early November 2017.  There has been no explanation aside news that he was said to have been  under investigation by police, had been called back to Africa by his superior and that the police allowed him to leave.  Requests to the archdiocese for clarification have gone unanswered.

So, the understanding was that Father Klutsey had returned to Africa.  But, look at thse screen shots.  Is Father Hope Klutsey currently nestled away at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin Ireland?

It looks that way, does it not?  True, he did attend Milltown for further studies in the late 2000s,  but this seems to indicate that he is currently employed by the institute?

Is Father Klutsey in Africa?

Or, is Father Klutsey in Dublin?

Perhaps he stopped in in Africa en route to Dublin?  Or, …who knows?

The bottom line is that…

No one knows exactly what Father Klutsey did.

No one knows why Father Klutsey was under investigation.

No one knows why he fled the country.


A question which now begs to be answered is this:  If indeed, as it seems, Father Klutsey is in Dublin, Ireland, is anyone at risk?  Women?  Children?  Men?

(3)  MR. Hod Marshall

Two more pictures have been added of now deceased serial Basilian molester Hod Marshall who was defrocked/laicized shortly after entering his guilty pleas in January 2014.

Both pictures show  that Marshall was definitely teaching Math and coaching basketball at St. Thomas High School in Huston Texas. (STHS was run by the Basilians) .  Here are the pictures:

1956-1957:   Teaching Math and coaching basketball at St. Thomas High School (Houston Texas) yearbook pictures:

It’s interesting to see the”Pray for me”  hand-written inscription on the Varsity Basketball picture.  Those are, witness below,  exactly the same words he wrote in in the 1955 edition of The Crusader, the yearbook for Assumption College School in Windsor, Ontario:(4)   MR. George Smith

In case you missed it when posted earlier today, Father George Smith  is  now MR. George Smith, and he has been MR. George Smith since January 2014.  He was defrocked/laicized:

05 November 2017: Statement from the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador Re George Smith

It is always a comfort to learn that a clerical sexual predator has been “defrocked” and no longer sullies the ranks of the priesthood by his presence.  Better that predatory clergy such as he spend the rest of their days praying for their victims and for all those whose faith has been destroyed or sorely tested due to their sins and crimes while they work at securing their own salvation.

The right thing was done.  I don’t understand why the diocese did not publicize that information or post it on the website until now.  People need to know.  When a diocese does the right thing, people need to know.

(5)  Marcel Lalonde

I decided not to write up anything today regarding the acquittal of Marcel Lalonde.  I just was not in a good frame of mind to do so.  Best I wait 🙂

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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