Sentencing this aft.

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A reminder that sentencing for previously convicted molester Father George Ansel Smith is scheduled for this afternoon (Tuesday) in Cornerbrook, Newfoundland:

Tuesday, 05 December 2017: 1:30 pm, Sentencing, Corner Brook, Newfoundland courthouse (82 Mt. Bernard Avenue)

I encourage those who are within driving distance and free to do so to attend.

Please keep Paul in your prayers.  And, as always, please pass along news of the outcome .

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to Sentencing this aft.

  1. Sylvia says:

    Father George Ansel Smith has been taken into custody and heading back to jail. He has been sentenced to 15 months – to run consecutive to his previous sentence. Not concurrent, as is usually the case, but consecutive.

    I will post the judge’s decision shortly.

    It’s funny, but there really is no great joy in seeing a Roman Catholic priest head back to jail, but there is a semblance of joy in seeing justice done. It’s a relief. A relief that what Father George Ansel Smith did to young Paul has consequences.

    I commend Paul who saw this difficult and painful process through from start to “finish”! Please keep him in your prayers.

    • BC says:

      My own view is; given the amount of counts that Father Smith plead guilty to (not forgetting those which were dropped in plea deals) that there has been no proportionality between the harm Father Smith has caused and the sentences he has/is served/serving. Father Smith is living proof that the Church tolerates convicted perverts within it’s ranks.

      All of Father Smith’s victims deserve much praise for having done the right thing in extremely adverse conditions.

  2. madonna young says:

    I am more than happy to say that the long hard road Paul traveled to get here has paid off. George Ansel Smith is where he belongs , In Jail. My brother is travelling a new road now, one to recovery. He had his family behind him from the start of all this and he will have us here to the finish.

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