Pre-sentence in Newfoundland tomorrow

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Previously convicted molester Father George Smith has a court date in Stephenville Newfoundland tomorrow:

)(Wednesday) 22 November 2017: 09:30 am, Pre-Sentence Report, Stephenville Newfoundland courthouse

Pre-sentence report implies a conviction or “guilty” plea.  Is there something we missed here?

No matter, tomorrow then should be  the pre-sentence report (ie, “experts” advising  he is a low threat to re-offend, health is poor and so on) and Victim Impact Statement.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.  He will be travelling back to Newfoundland for this:  a mixed blessing.  Om one hand, home again!  Back to beautiful Newfoundland.  On the other, so many painful memories.

Please pass along any news.


Well, I am trying to get all the things done which need doing and which I promised to before I proceed into the book-writing phase and simultaneously cutting back on work on the Sylvia’s Site.

Right now the project is getting a page posted for Father Lucien Larre.  Yes, that’s the Father Larre of Bosco Homes ‘fame.’   His name has been on the Accused list since, I think, day one.  For whatever reason I never did get back to putting that information together.  Recently someone kindly brought the oversight to my attention, and here I am working on it 🙂  And, I must say, it’s taking a loooong long time!  Hopefully I will have it all together tomorrow.  I do have an appointment in the afternoon so will see how I fare in the morning 🙂

I am also waiting for an email response regarding what seems to be an untoward situation in a Canadian diocese.  I do need some more information before I comment.  Hopefully that will come tomorrow.

Then it’s on to the three priests identified in the New Brunswick lawsuits.  I will do those, and one more – an email which I received yesterday with link to Fench article regarding  Fr. Jacques Desgrandchamps, O.S.M.

Once those are taken care of,  barring clergy and/or religious who are charged, and at least for the year or so that I work on the book,  I will not be adding names of clergy who are accused in lawsuits.   I will also be trimming back in other areas – have not yet sorted out just how, but I  I will need  to restrict the total amount  of time I spend on Sylvia’s Site to a max of two hours/day.  The one for sure is that I will stay on top of those cases where a priest or religious is charged, and will continue to follow those courtdates and post them on the Legal Calendar so people can keep tabs on what’s happening in court.

I asked for prayers before as I go through this process.  I really mean it!  I need prayers.  Sadly,  cutting back at this time is necessary, but not necessarily easy.

Enough for now,




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    Good luck with your book, Sylvia!

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