Another fugitive priest

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The next court date for convicted sexual predator and former long-time Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexander-Cornwall Father Denis Vaillancourt is:

15 December 2017: 10 am, sentencing, courtroom #7, Cornwall Ontario courthouse (29 Second St. W..

Please keep the victim and his family in your prayers.


The name of another fugitive priest, Father Raoul Gauther,  and a link to a page with further information has been added to the Accused list.

As you see, Father Gauthier originally hailed from and was ordained for  the Diocese of Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan.  He showed up in Minnesota around 1940, and, with one exception,  from there on served as a Chaplain in three different Catholic hospitals.  The one exception was the year he spent at Our Lady of the Snow in Nevis, Minnesota.  Thsi is referred to as a  “clergy retreat house” run by the Servants of the Paraclete, however, it is also known as “treatment” for clergy accused of sexual misconduct, including sexual abuse of children.  Why he was there is unknown.  It is possible he was working, but – he was  right back at St. Michael’s Hospital after that one year, so….?  Time perhaps shall tell?

And then, of course, there it is:  charges laid in November 1979 for the August 1978 sexual assault of  a 37-year-old mentally retarded man.

What did Father Gauthier do?

He fled the country!  Off to Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan.

A warrant was issued for his arrest.  And, alas,  that was the end of it.  A decision was made not to extradite..

Whether or not this fugitive priest assisted in any way in the Diocese of Gravelbourg is unknown.  I believe it goes without saying that the poor souls in the community had not an inkling that Father Gauthier was a wanted man, nor of the nature of the charges against him.


The trial of previously convicted molester and former teacher  Marcel Lalonde trial has resumed today.

I really wanted to get down there but, given that yesterday was a holiday,  was unable to confirm that it was still scheduled for today.  It’s a little over a two-hour drive each way so just did not want to risk losing hours on the road 🙁

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Busy!!!  Another page to add for Father Lucien Larre.  His name has been on the Accused page for yeasr – just never managed to get information together and posted.

Enough for now,


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