Nor do I know if he’s still a priest

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Father Mark Buckley, actively homosexual  priest from the Diocese of Peterborough, Ontario who variously opened a pet shop,  bilked a widow out of her nest egg, eluded charges related to financial problems at his parishes after  Bishop James Doye came to his rescue, and was recycled into the field of education (by Bp. Doyle) and, after his stint at OISE,  shipped off to Calgary to teach at a Roman Catholic school and minister to unwitting Catholics in the Diocese of Calgary.

07 November 2017:  Former Calgary principal accused of fraud, turning elementary school into ‘zoo-like environment’

I now realize that, for whatever reason I never opened a page on Buckley – I put his name on the Accused list and just linked to an article I wrote about him in 2000:  Friends in High Places.      Anyway, there is a lot of information in that article .  True, it’s a bit of a read, but, I do believe in light of these recent happenings, well worthwhile.  Friends in High Places indeed.  I wonder if they’re still available?

I will try to get a page together for Buckley as soon as I can.  The last I knew he was still a priest with the Peterborough diocese but teaching in a non-Catholic school in Calgary.  I don’t know how long ago that was, nor do I know if he is still a priest.  Things to find out 🙂

Anyway, here is the latest on Mark Buckley.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How many people in positions of trust knew about this man’s past, yet chose to put him in positions that exposed others to exploitation? I think that list is long, far longer than we will ever know. There are bystanders who choose to stand by and do nothing. Then there are the people who are complicit. It takes a certain lack of conscience not to speak up. That says a lot about people in high places in churches and schools, where trust is of the essence.

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