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I have been putting blog links on the Father Gaetan Deschamps page.  There were quite a number f blogs which referenced him, sometimes just in passing, and at other times in more depth.  For whatever reason those blogs were never listed on his page.

Because the original Cornwall Public Inquiry site disappeared several years ago due to technological issues and the site is slowly being re-built, all links on those older blogs have to be redone 🙁

So, a bit at a time.  Here is the list, including media coverage,  as it appears to date:

08 May 2010:  BLOG  Whoosh – away he went

16 November 2009:  BLOG  Why the nerves?04 December 2008:  BLOG 

04 December 2008:  BLOG  The bewitching hour

08 May 2008:  BLOG Whoosh – away he went

01 March 2008:  BLOG  Never rule out the impossible

16 December 2007:  BlOG To the Weave shed courthouse

04 October 2007:  BLOG Finish him off

03 September 2007:  BLOG What a sorry reflection on society

01 September 2017:  BLOG  For the sake of the children

01 September 2007: Open season on priests?

01 September 2007: Standing behind ‘Father Gates’

30 August 2007: Sask. police are examining abuse allegations

30 August 2007:  BLOG  Hard to stomach

29 August 2017:  BLOG  No glory

29 August 2017:  BLOG  More allegations

29 August 2007: “Priest Denies Abuse Allegations” and “Priest becomes target of sex abuse allegation”

31 August 2007:  BLOG  I can dream

19/20 August 2007:   Pedophile Alert! (flier distributed and posted around Cornwall)  (after this Father Deschamps moved to Tollgate Rd.

Amazing.  This all goes back to 2007 – ten years ago, just after I started the site!

I have to head out this afternoon for an appointment.  Must run…

Enough for now,


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