They’re all gone

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Note that a link to a group picture of the Servants of the Risen on the Brother Darvin Regaspi Dominic Grageda (Brother Dominic)  page has been fixed.  also the following page with another picture has been added:

June 2015Brother Dominic arrives to assist (Diocesan News – June 2015)

So, witness the above,  Brother Dominic and Brother Ferdinand  arrived somewhere around June 2015 to assist Father Patrick Cerdeno and Brother Joshua at the shrine at Cache Creek .  In April  2016 Brother Dominic was  charged.    In May 2017 charges against  Brother Dominic were stayed  after he entered into some kind of peace bond.   By August 201 7  all four monks (one priest and three brothers) staffing the Immaculate Heart of Mary Shrine and Centre  and assisting at local parishes were gone .


I got the impression that the hope was  that when a group  of brothers first  arrived in 2012  the hope  was it would be a permanent undertaking for the Filipino-based monks.   But, apparently,  not so.  Not only is the “accused’ gone: they ‘re all gone!


Hopefully the  Father Robert Joseph MacDougall/McDougall page will be   ready to post tomorrow .  If anyone has any information on this priest (Archdiocese of Halifax)please  pass it along.


I haven’t forgotten I was going to post something on  Father Bernie Cameron

It’s difficult.  I decided to  leave it aside for a bit to clear my head  :).


In case you missed it:

31 October 2017:  “96-year-old retired priest accused of child porn possession” & related articles and VIDEO

Note the comments from his lawyer :

“Monsignor Byrne has dedicated 72 years to charity and church with an unsullied history….It is difficult to imagine, at the age of 96, he knowingly understood and is responsible for the content of the subjects on the computer accessible to numerous people.”

What oh  what can I say, but…

We shall see…

Enough for now,



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