Strange turn of events

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A page for Brother  Darvin Regaspi Dominic Grageda src (Brother Dominic) has been added.  A picture will be added later.

An email seeking clarification on a coupe of matters has been sent  to the Chancellor of the Diocese of Kamloops.  No response as yet, but it was just sent this morning.

Note that Brother  Regaspi Dominic Grageda is almost certainly known at the shrine and in the diocese as Brother Dominic –  that would be his religious name.

Also note that all the members of the Servants of the Risen Christ (src),  a rather new monastic Philippine order  who were operating the shrine in Cache Creek,  were back off to the Philippines by August, – three brothers and one priest.  Why all four are gone is unknown:  Brother Dominic , however, was the only one of the four facing charges, – and the charges against him were stayed in some strange deal involving a peace bond.

If anyone has any information on this very strange turn of events please pass it along.

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  1. Local resident says:

    Although it would have to be verified by the Cache Creek BC RCMP, I learned that there was $250,000.00 in a safe at the Shrine set aside for roof repairs. On the morning that all 4 were discovered to have disappeared it was stated that all the money in the safe was stolen and all 4 secretly fled to the airport in Vancouver BC in the middle of the night and boarded a plane for the Philippines. Theft and fraud. A quarter of a million dollars..

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