God help us!

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An important update…

Remember Father Stephen Amesse, the Ottawa priest who was, alas, acquitted after his sex trial?

Yes, that is indeed  the priest who doesn’t like the feel of body hair on his clothes, and the one who actually bought that young lad a body shaver!

Yes, that’s the same priest who  testified that he doesn’t know what grooming is, this from a priest in this day and age, not to mention a priest who, as  a layman, assisted in the compilation of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishop’s 1992 handbook to sex abuse , From Pain to Hope, …. never mind a priest who admitted mailing  cards with money to Robert and another boy.

That’s right, he’s the priest who’s a friend of Eric:  Eric, the California body builder.  Well, actually Father Amesse testified that he became acquainted with Eric  when he, Amesse, turned 50 and apparently became  concerned about his health and fitness.  Remember?  Remember that Father Amesse opted not to look  in his own back yard of Ottawa where fitness gurus are a dime a dozen.   And remember how he tried to explain  that he didn’t seek local expertise because he preferred to do this at home!

Ah, yes, Eric.

Remember all the talk of Eric came about because “Robert” said he saw a picture of a naked Eric in the rectory?  Robert remembered his name.  Eric.

Yes, there was indeed an Eric.  But, there were no pictures of a naked Eric.  Absolutely not!

And remember that Father Amesse arrived in court one day with a brochure which sort of presented Eric as just a nice family man?

Finally, remember I found the porn pictures of Eric online?   Sheer filth.

Now on to the update on Father Stephen Amesse.

The word is that Father Amesse was off to Southdown for about a couple of weeks or so  a little while back.   And then back he went – back to Southdown – for about three months.

My understand is that he’s there right now.

Why is he at Southdown?  Well, it can’t be for drinking,- Father Amesse told the court that he doesn’t drink.

And, of course, Father Amesse was acquitted.  (Remember how the courtroom erupted in applause when the judge gave the verdict?)

Why then was this priest off to Southdown?

So, that’s where he is.  And, by the sound of it, plans are afoot for his return…

To a parish!!

A recycling I’d say.

There’s talk of St. Patrick’s Basilica.

If this is fact, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, God help us!  I am floored.  Common sense has flown right out the window!


I am in the process of adding the names of a Brother  Brother Darvin Regaspi Dominic Grageda src (Robert Joseph MacDougall) and Father Robert Joseph MacDougall/McDougall (Archdiocese of Halifax) .  If anyone has any information on either please pass it along

Enough for now,


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5 Responses to God help us!

  1. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Sylvia, common sense flew out the window years ago. In my world, this is not new. Mike.

  2. BC says:

    Of all the prisons the ones that we choose for ourselves are the one’s which offer no escape. The only way out for Father Amesse is to quit being Father Amesse; by defrocking himself.

  3. Skye says:

    I am thinking the Archbishop may not fully trust Amesse. Remember ‘not guilty’ does not mean innocent hencr the reason for Southdowne. (Assuming that Amesse’s stay is related to the case.) The archbishop
    is known to some as being highly ambitious and may be vert uncomfortable with blindly giving Amesse a parish so crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s to cover his back.

    • BC says:

      A court acquittal is what it says it is in our legal systems. But the Living Tree that is Canada does not only have legal branches. In the court of public opinion the burden of proof is much lesser. A mother moose doesn’t require incontrovertible evidence that there are indeed wolves in the surrounding bushes to keep her calf close to her side. Clerical abuse is predatory behaviour. It’s not sexual behaviour. It’s not religious behaviour. It’s not kinky behaviour. It’s predatory behaviour. Moot are silly debates about hebephilia, pedophilia, celibacy and or emotionally disturbed body shaving males.

      Until the Church defrocks it’s clerical predators, clears it’s backlog and fully discloses all of it’s records, the public is totally justified to exercise caution around it’s clergy. The scandals of clerical abuse will end only with full real-time disclosure. Anything less than that and the Church better get used to the fact that not only the mother moose will fight back; but that many more will adopt the cause of mother moose against the wolves and fight with them.

      And in Eternity we’ve already won.

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