Back to jail

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And it’s back to jail for ex-priest Donald Grecco:

24 October 2017:  Ex-priest Grecco gets 18 months in prison

This para caught me:

Several times during his Tuesday ruling, Nadel said he “regretted” that he wasn’t giving Grecco a longer sentence. The judge said Grecco pleaded guilty on the understanding that he would receive an 18-month sentence, and that guilty plea saved the community time and money that would have been consumed at a trial.

Perhaps I’m not the only one who has difficult with these plea bargains?

I wonder though why the Crown asked for three years if the deal had been 18 months in exchange for the guilty plea?

During a sentencing hearing last month, Grecco’s lawyer Robert Yanch asked for an 18-month sentence while assistant Crown attorney Pat Vadacchino asked Nadel to put the ex-priest behind bars for three years

No matter, it’s done.  He’s off to jail again for a few months.

I commend the victims for coming forward.  Well William.  Well done all of you.  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Enough for now,


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