Committed to stand trial

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Oh my, everything tied into the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up is so terribly terribly convoluted 🙁   In consequence, much of today was spent alternately sifting through files, looking for files and reading transcript – time now to call it a day.

I have a commitment in the morning, – should be able to post that promised backgrounder on Father Bernard Cameron tomorrow afternoon.


Note that after today’s preliminary hearing previously-convicted and currently incarcerated molester Father Yvon Arsenault has been committed to stand trial:

19 October 2017:  Convicted Moncton priest could face trial on new sex charge next year

There is no trial date set as yet.  I wonder if,  from what Baspuit had to say , a trial date will be set in December?   I will try to find out, either tomorrow or Monday.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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