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I will, as promised, be posting a few backgrounders regarding Father Bernie Cameron the Cornwall priest who died 15 October 2017.   Trying to get this together has been yet another reminder for me that, as with all things Cornwall,  it’s not that simple 🙁   Virtually,, but nothing, surrounding the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up is simple and straightforward.

I am poring through old documents and trying to sort out how to compile a few bullets of information which inform without  overwhelming.

It will get done 🙂


The half-day preliminary hearing for previously- convicted molester Father Yvon Arsenault is scheduled for tomorrow:

19 October 2017 (Thursday):  09:30 am, PRELIMINARY HEARING (scheduled for half-a-day, 09:30 am, Moncton Courthouse Moncton NB (45 Assumption Blvd)

I encourage those who can do so to attend.

Please keep the victims and complainants in your prayers.

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to It will get done

  1. John MacDonald says:

    You are right Sylvia, there is no Reader’s Digest version of Cornwall, it reads like War and Peace.

    John MacDonald

  2. Michael Gayda says:

    They’re many in this country who never heard of the Cornwall Inquiry. I wonder if someone could summarize it in a book. The guilty are still out there. Mr. Dalton Mc’Guinty is a man of his word. Perry and Helen Dunlop are living the dream. I think only one of these statements is true.

  3. James Bateman says:

    Oct. 24/2017. That is correct Mr. Gayda: Many in the country have never heard about “The Cornwall Public Inquiry”, which was one of the most expensive “Inquiries” ever. Furthermore, I agree with you, many of the “guilty are still out there”. In my informed opinion and based on my personal experiences in those years, the “Ontario Justice System”, “For The Greater Good”, went to great lengths, deception and expense, trying to silence some people and manipulate the words others wanted to say. All, in an attempt to manufacture a public perception that, ALL WAS WELL in Cornwall and surrounding Area. There is no doubt in my mind, “The Inquiry” tried to dispel any idea that a paedophile ring existed in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, at any time.
    One of the reasons Constable Perry Dunlop went to jail was because he publicly stated, he did not trust the Ontario Justice System. Can’t have that. What if other Cops were to get the “Whistleblower” idea. More than six months in jail.
    Even if Dunlop didn’t agree with testifying; six months? He could have declared he had PTSD or whatever, to avoid testifying; he was seeing a Doctor at the time. Before jail, Constable Dunlop was grabbed from his home in British Columbia via an “ex-parte” application, likely rubber stamped by an inebriated Justice of the Peace at the Cornwall Police Club.
    We all know about Dalton McGuinty, his word and his cronies. Isn’t he under scrutiny these days? He and his crew will get off; they have the well lubricated, politically friendly, Lawyer du Jour, etc, etc, to wipe up the messes left by the likes of McGuinty et al and oh yes, the wonderful Attorney General back then, Michael Bryant. Of course, I don’t think he is so fu***n wonderful; sorry, did I use profanity? I don’t think so. Is this a Church or Religious blog? So, from my perspective, as I saw things then, “Boy McGuinty” and “Papa Mic” Michael Bryant and their “strawmen”, lawyers running back and forth to the train station, were anything but truthful. THEY WERE AFTER DUNLOP’S HEAD and to rescue all the “accused”; every M.O. was utilized. You see in this Province/Country, dissenting voices and whistle-blowers are not murdered or tortured physically, here, the “SYSTEM” has the means to break you psychologically and ruin you financially, professionally and as a human being.
    I saw the Dunlop family twice since those brutal, disgusting years of, firstly, “Project Truth” and then, secondly, “The Cornwall Public Inquiry”. My Perception is that they are a beautiful family. I love them all dearly. As I see it, The Dunlops have SURVIVED. As of 2015, when I saw them last, they lived in a beautiful home. The Dunlops I know, are survivors, against the greatest of odds. The Dunlops are a total success at life, many friends who love them, excellent educations and professions. However, as I see it, they did not by-pass the associated painful psychological and emotional turmoils (turmoils as defined; I mean, they couldn’t have. I’m certain there are scars that will never heal completely. I hope Perry, Helen, Heather, Marlee and Monica will continue to grow individually, in relationships and as a family. I believe they will discover new ways or keep using the things that work, to wipe-away the bleeding, when the scar opens up again.
    So Mr. Gayda; only my perspective. But there is much the Country does not know about “The Cornwall Public Inquiry” and there is much many people in the Country don’t want you to know. No coincidence.

    • Michael Gayda says:

      Thank you James, for your own personal insight. Perry in my eyes is a hero who stood up for the downtrodden and the helpless. It had to be terrifying not for Perry but for what he had to shoulder and put his family through. The girls were young so they really wouldn’t understand at that time. He likely never would have gotten through the whole ordeal without the mountain that stood with him, Helen. These are my own thoughts. I don’t know Perry or Helen but sure would like to shake his hand and maybe play a little guitar together. I read through some of the transcripts and it read like a lynching in some parts. I need to go back and reread some of the transcripts again. I really wished there was a writer who would take on and capture the essence of the story. There’s not just one story there but many many tangled and twisted stories some of which we will never hear about. I know there are some who never want this story told and would likely discourage anyone from sharing this with the rest of world. Not in Canada eh!

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