Problems resolved

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As you see, problems are resolved.  The strange symbols scattered throughout text are gone, the Legal Calendar is – thankfully!! – back, The Inquiry is functional.  I thank all those of you who said a few prayers for a good outcome –  I really do believe prayers were offered, heard and answered : ) This came so close to being a total disaster;  you have no idea.

So both Sylvia’s’ Site and The Inquiry have been converted to  HTTPS.  This is apparently something  to do with a need to be compliant with google chrome now, and preparatory for a demand that in the  future HTTPS will be  required by all search engines.

Some of you will understand all this far better than I.  No matter, it is done 🙂   this was a reminder that i will have to get back to   work on  

I had to start redoing the site a few years ago, and twice since the process began have run into serious problems with software.  I will have to redo a  lot of what was done  in order to save what has been posted before transferring to a new  theme.   I have been procrastinating 🙁   I must get at it, and will 🙂


Please note  the following:

21 September 2017  “Pope candidly admits Church ‘arrived late’ in confronting abuse” & related article

I will comment later.

Enough for now  ,


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