More “good” news…

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More “good” news from yesterday….

Previously convicted serial molester Father George Ansel Smith entered a “guilty” plea.  A sentencing hearing is scheduled for 22 November 2017.

Father Smith -yes, still, to my knowledge and sad to say, very much a priest – previously  (Feb. 2013) entered a guilty plea to the sexual of more than 13 boys age eight to 12 or 13.  In March 2013  he was sentenced to 11 years in jail.  In December 2015 he was released to a community residential facility for a six month period of day parole.  In July 2016 he was granted full parole!

A reminder here that in 1992 Father Smith was treated for alcohol abuse and his attraction to young boys.  Following this he was, as I would say, “recycled” from the Diocese of St. George’s, Newfoundland to PEI. ( Another reminder that the thoroughly disgraced and since defrocked  Raymond Lahey was then Bishop of St. George’s. )

The next court date for Father Smith is:

22 November 2017: Pre-Sentence Report, Stephenville Newfoundland courthouse

Please keep Paul and his family in your prayers.


The other “good” news from yesterday was the conviction of former Cornwall Classical College student long-term Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, Father Denis Vaillancourt  

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