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The statement of claim field by “BSG” against the Basilian Fathers of Toronto has been posted on the Father Frederick Cahill page:

09 August 2017:   BSG – Statement of Claim against Basilian Fathers of Toronto – BSG alleges sexual abuse by Basilian priest Father Frederick Wallace Cahill

Please keep BSG in your prayers as he embarks upon this difficult journey.

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2 Responses to Statement of Claim posted

  1. Leona says:

    Thanks for the posting of the Statement of Claim. I was particularly impressed by Item #26.

    “In failing to investigate and identify any past failings of Fr. Cahill, they also failed to identify any victims who may have been in need of counselling, assistance and support because of the actions of Fr. Cahill. Such assistance would be necessary in order to minimize the consequences of Fr. Cahill’s actions and the effect of the same on the Plaintiff. They have failed to this day to investigate the extent of Fr. Cahill’s past behaviour and have failed to render any meaningful assistance to the plaintiff contrary to their internal policies and the policies of the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops.
    Do you remember that line in Spotlight, “They knew and they did nothing!” ? The lifting of the statute of limitations in Alberta opens the door to hold church officials accountable to do something that allows survivors to speak out and to ensure that in the future, all children and vulnerable adults will be safe.

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