Was it financial “impropriety”?

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Previously convicted molester Father George Smith had a court date in Stephenville, Newfoundland this morning:

17 July 2017:  09:30 am, “Adjourned for Election and/or Plea,”  Stephenville Newfoundland courthouse

If anyone has nes regarding the outcome please pass it along.

As always, please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Yes, I will be making a few comments regarding the 13 July 2017 closing arguments at the Father Denis Vaillancourt sex assault trial.  I hadn’t realized how much catch-up I had to do on emails, and had completely forgotten that we had headed off to Alabama without cleaning up and planting our garden, 🙁  All the flats of bedding plants were neatly lined up in the corner of the garden!  I knew they wouldn;t last so, just before our departure,  told a neighbour to take them (I’d rather than than see them shrivel up and go to waste)

So, garden clean up has been more or less accomplished and I am heading off now, hoping to pick up some bedding plants.  It’s a clear sunny day so am hoping to get those purchased and planted before another downpour!


Please note the following information posted on the Father Fred Olds thread.  Note that according to Archbishop LeGatt Father Olds does not have permission to engage in public ministry of any kind and is permitted only to ‘say Mass” in his residence, in other words, he can not ‘say’/offer u a public Mass.

It is unknown if the impropriety which prompted the preliminary enquiry relates to the $4000,000 which was stolen from St. Bernadette’s.


There are more bits and pieces of information to post.  Right now I must head off to see if at this late time of the year I can find some bedding plants 🙂

Enough for now,


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