But, here we are at trial

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Father Denis Vaillancourt (R) leaves Cornwall courthouse (14 June 2017, Sylvia)

The sex assault trial of Father Denis Vaillancourt continues in Cornwall this morning, Thursday, 15 June 2017, at 10 am.

Father Vaillancourt took the stand in his own defence yesterday, this, believe it or not, after a police interview in which he asked: “will I be in jail for a year or two years?”  A portion of the video was played in court Tuesday afternoon:  the remainder was played yesterday morning.

All I can say is that what Vailancourt had to say in that interview sounded awfully like a confession to me!  But, here we are, about 19 months later, at trial.

Today will start with arguments by Defence and Crown regarding introduction of evidence regarding an incident alleged to have transpired over 30 years ago.  The Crown would like to introduce the evidence to counter what she views as defence lawer Don Johnson’s inference that throughout his priesthood Father Vaillancourt has been a man of good character.  Where this will go remains to be seen.  I hope  there will be a  judicial nod, but not too sure that will happen.

Whatever happens, Father Vaillancourt’s cross-examination has not yet begun so will probably continue at some point today.

As is the norm, there is a publication ban on the name of the complainant and anything which might identify him.  I will have to sort out how to relate information to you which I would like you know without in any way infringing on the ban.  Right now I must get ready to hit the road 🙂

The allegations date to the Sunday of Labour Day weekend 2015. The complainant, who  was baptised and whose parents were married by Vaillancourt, was about 20 years of age at the time.  More details to follow.

Sorry, but unfortunately  I don’t have access to the net while in Cornwall 🙁

Enough for now.


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