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A note of special interest to victims in the province of Alberta…

07 March 2017:  New bill removes 2-year limit for victims to sue attackers 

Bill 2 received Royal Assent and became law 04 May 2017





This is no doubt welcome news for the large majority of victims of clerical sexual abuse in Alberta.   Those of you who suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a priest or other prominent Roman Catholic but have been unable to file suit in Alberta because of  the 2 year deadline should now be able to proceed.


2000 cases of clerical sexual predators backlogged, and Pope Francis insists that the Vatican “is on the right path.”

13 May 2017:  Pope has 2000 clerical sex abuse cases to handle

This is just plain hard to digest.  As I said eleswhere, this just didn’t happen overnight, did it?

Do those 2000 include requests to have predatory clergy laicized?    I think it does.


The latest  on the on-going plight of Australia’s Cardinal George Pell regarding sex abuse allegations:

16 May 2017:  Cardinal George Pell demands apology over new book claims

I wonder if the Cardinal is back in the Vatican now?


We had a wonderful and fun family brunch yesterday for Mother’s Day.  I was oh so close to bankrupting everybody in Monopoly 🙂  That doesn’t happen often, so, an exciting moment in time 🙂   A lovely get-together.


I am awaiting news regarding Archbishop Don Bolen’s meeting with the flock at St. Patrick’s in Cupar last week. There was to information regarding Father Robert MacKenzie .  There are also a few more bits and pieces to post regarding the Benedictines in the UK and Fort Augustus Abbey in Scotland.  I will add them later this evening to tomorrow.


The information on the Ottawa priest is nearly ready to post.  I pick away at it a few hours each day.  Getting close.  No promises.

And now, supper time!

Enough for now,


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