May he rest in peace.

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It looks as though previously convicted molester Father George Ansell Smith is facing a new charges.

Here’s a redacted copy of the court docket for 05 June 2017 in Stephenville, Newfoundland:

George Ansel  Smith Stephenville NFLD court docket for 05 June 2017

There it is:  Smith, George Ansel.  Charged under section 156 of the 1970 Criminal Code of Canada ;  Indecent assault on male.  I’m really not sure what the “adjourned” in the  “Adjourned for Election and/or Plea” means.  But, bottom line is Father George Smith is facing new charges, and that means that someone else has found the courage to speak up.

Section 156 reads:

Every male person who assaults another person with intent to commit buggery or who indecently assaults another male person is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for ten years.

Strange there has been not a word of this?  No matter, we’ll keep an eye on this now as it winds its way through the courts.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


It is with deep sadness that I pass on the news that Mike Gibbons died at the Ottawa General Hospital on Monday, 01 May 2017.

 Friends may pay respects at the Kelly Funeral Home, 2313 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON Friday, May 5 between 2-4 and 6-8 p.m. Private family interment.

For those who do not know Mike, he was that fearless  Catholic school teacher in the mid 80s who  brought allegations of clerical sexual abuse and cover-up to light in the Ottawa Archdiocese.  He listened, he investigated, he interviewed, he exposed and he fought.  When no action was forthcoming from the archdiocese he fliered windshields naming names. In fact, it was thanks in no small part t0 Mike’s tireless efforts that Father Dale Crampton was finally charged.

The following blog was written 18 January 2012.  There is, as you will see, frequent reference to Mike Gibbons:

18 January 2012:  More Connecting the Dots

Sadly, Mike suffered greatly for his efforts.  He was threatened with excommunication by then Archbishop Plourde.  He was denigrated and vilified by many of his  fellow Catholic teachers.   Fellow Catholics ostracized him.  It all took its toll.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Mike’s children, grandchildren and siblings at this difficult time.

May God have mercy on Mike’s dear soul.  May he rest in peace.

Enough for now,


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  1. Geri Gibbons says:

    Thank you for the kind words about my Uncle Mike, a man of fierce faith who fought for what he believed.

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