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Further to my previous comment I have never seen  the likes of what I saw in that Ottawa courtroom this afternoon in all my life.   The dirty looks at “Robert” and his family.  The cheering and clapping.

Now there’s more…

Never on Sylvia’s Site have I seen such disrespectful, rude, vile comments directed at a complainant  in defence of a priest.

The rumour mill has been well oiled.  So many comments are beyond disgusting – half-truths and gossip mongering geared specifically to further  humiliate and maim  those who are already hurting.   Those of you who have been party to the onslaught directed at this  unfortunate family do yourself, the Church and Father Amesse no favour.

This is disgraceful.

There will be no more  slandering Robert and his family on this site.  It’s over.  You’ve had free reign, but,  you just don’t want to stop.  For whatever reason, an acquittal isn’t enough.

By the way, I have said many a time in the past that I believe that anyone who falsely accuses another of sexual abuse should be charged.    It is a despicable crime.   There are charges which can be laid, such as, I believe, mischief and perjury.    If Father Amesse believes that he has been falsely accused, he should go to police.

That said, those who wish to conduct a respectful exchange of opinion are free to do so.

Enough for now,


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  1. Kayla says:

    If you have never seen ” the likes of it” wouldn’t that lead you to believe that there is something different about it?

    • Sylvia says:

      True Kayla. In fact, just last week I covered a sad situation in the Diocese of Prince Albert Saskatchewan. The Crown requested a stay on the second day of the Father Javier De Los Angeles Cortazar trial. Cortazar had been charged with sexual assault of a fellow priest. When the charges were stayed, a group of Father Cortazar’s supporters clapped, and then sang “For he’s a jolly good fellow.” The stay was requested by the Crown because the complainant was told that by the judge that if he, the complainant, did not respond to a defence question which would cause him to violate the seal of confession he, the complainant would be cited with contempt of court. The Crown called for a stay – which means that Father De Los Angeles Cortazar is ‘free’ and the complainant will not be jailed for refusing to violate the seal of confession. Father Cortazar’s supporters clapped and sang “For he’s a jolly good fellow.” In this case the Crown can bring the case back to trial in a year, but how can justice be pursued when a complainant defends himself in such fashion.

      I wasn’t there, but I was appalled by what I read of the eruption and have since heard from others.

      So, yesterday, after attending quite a few trials which have included a few acquittals, I saw it in person.

      Not nice. And, totally totally inappropriate.

      All I could think of was what happened in Meadow Lake Saskatchewan just week.

      Now I am left trying to sort out what is it with these two cases which evoked this kind of response from a gaggle of obviously ardent supporters. I fully realize that in one instance the accused priest is ‘free’ because and only because the charges were stayed, and that in the other there was a ‘not guilty’ verdict, but, …why the same unusual response from their bands of supporters?

      I’m trying to recall the priest trials which I have attended where the priest was acquitted or ‘walked.’ There was Father Paul Lapierre in Cornwall, Ontario. He was acquitted, and then later convicted in Quebec with allegations from the same victim. There was no cheering and clapping in the Cornwall courthouse when he was acquitted.

      There was Father Danny Miller in Pembroke. Father Miller had previously been charged and convicted. I believed the complainant. In this case he was acquitted. (His lawyer by the way was Robert Carew) There was no cheering and clapping there. None.

      Then there is Father Charles MacDonald in Cornwall. His charges were stayed on a technicality. I know several of the men who alleged sexual abuse at the hands of this priest. There have been a number of out-of-court settlements. There was no clapping and cheering when Father Charlie ‘walked.’

      So, yes, the clapping and cheering, is different. And totally inappropriate.

  2. Bob LeDrew says:

    Your site, your rules. If others don’t like it, they can start their own.

  3. Bob says:

    As someone who was at a parish with a priest we dearly loved who turned out to perhaps not be who we thought, I want to caution any parishioner who’s walked away perhaps a bit smug: presbyteral clay feet are entirely possible. Don’t worship your priests, and don’t go solely on the fact that he’s friendly to you at a potluck.

    I’m not saying most priests aren’t good men – of course they are. But they aren’t all. Some serious accusations were made, and an acquittal is not a finding of innocence, any more than it is a finding of guilt. Perhaps it is actual innocence, but I nonetheless say this: Some scrutiny and oversight is going to be highly appropriate in the future. I speak from experience.

  4. Pierre says:

    I am Robert’s father or, JB, as he was referred to in court today. I wanted to take a moment to thank Sylvia and Mike for their incredible support during this difficult time for JB. He will forever be grateful for your understanding and compassion during these very difficult last few years. Also, to past abuse victims who have been vocal on this site in defense of JB, it gave him great confidence to know that he wasn’t alone during this time. JB was even approached by “John”, an older abuse victim from another trial, who called him a “hero” for his ownership of these events at such a young age. “He was doing the right thing”. Of course, one cannot say enough about Debby, a great friend to JB, and a constant positive influence in his life. Naturally, I have been following the comments on this site the whole time. Some have brought our family comfort, others were obviously painful. I am going to give a few details about this trial and respond and / or comment on a few of the emails here. I will not respond back at all to anyone, this will be the last from me.

    First, let me tell you about JB. He was an outgoing, friendly, confident child, right up to about the age of 14 to 15. Coincidence? Perhaps! Adults loved him. He could strike up a conversation with anyone, not shy at all and full of questions. Kids his own age, they were not so fond of him. I don’t know why. Psychology is not my vocation. I can only surmise that for kids his own age, it was intimidating to be around someone so confident and so much more physically advanced then themselves. As court proceedings indicated, Amesse took JB under his wing, the parents hoping that Amesse could integrate him with other kids and JB could make friends. Noble idea, I believe any parent wants the best for their child. Along the way though, there were a few behaviors that, as parents, we did not appreciate coming from Amesse (more on this later).

    Now more on JB. JB had difficulties in school. That’s no secret. He was not the best academically, struggled but persevered. His ADD, diagnosed in grade 3, & confirmed with another evaluation in grade 6 did not help his struggles. But this is all it was. Struggles. Then the curtain came down. By the time he was 15, his whole behavior had transformed to self-destruction. Skipping school, stealing, drugs, alcohol, extreme bouts of anger and suicidal. Quite a drastic change and I would say not a normal transition into the teenage years. Inevitably, with all these behaviors, he found himself on the wrong side of the law. Nothing terrible of course, unless you are a defense lawyer trying to make him out as an obscenely vile human being. Well done counselor!

    For those that have never dealt with a child that has been sexually abused, please read the following:
    Specific symptoms of sexual abuse:
    (citation, the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress)
    • Withdrawal and mistrust of adults
    • Suicidality
    • Difficulty relating to others except in sexual or seductive ways
    • Unusual interest in or avoidance of all things sexual or physical
    • Sleep problems, nightmares, fears of going to bed
    • Frequent accidents or self-injurious behaviors
    • Refusal to go to school, or to the doctor, or home
    • Secretiveness or unusual aggressiveness
    • Sexual components to drawings and games
    • Neurotic reactions (obsessions, compulsiveness, phobias)
    • Habit disorders (biting, rocking)
    • Unusual sexual knowledge or behavior
    • Prostitution
    • Forcing sexual acts on other children
    • Extreme fear of being touched
    • Unwillingness to submit to physical examination

    I will tell you that JB exhibited at least ten of these symptoms.

    Now I would like to answer / comment to a few of the emails. I will not go through the trial as Sylvia has done a marvelous job of this. Also, I will try to respond only to those emails I believe are from adults. Young people (under 25) often, but not always, only repeat what they hear their parents say and are prone to respond with emotion rather than logic. If you are over 25, you’re fair game, as you have assaulted my family with little to no real understanding of who we are.

    Cover letter for “Friends of Father Steve”

    Good afternoon. You are receiving this email from me, as a friend of Father Steve Amesse and as someone who believes in his innocence.there is a high risk of an innocent man being convicted for something he did not do. As a result, I am one of a number of supporters who have come together to organize efforts with the goal of giving Father Steve the best opportunity to successfully defend against these false allegations.
    Greg Farrell, CPA, CA
    President & COO
    Giant Tiger Stores Limited |

    Understand, I don’t begrudge your efforts to help someone you think might be innocent. It is to be commended. However, this is such an asinine letter. That someone claims another is innocent because he worked “closely” with him is beyond words. But the following says it best:

    Ev O’Driscoll says:

    April 5, 2017 at 12:10 am
    Abusers do not show their true face to anyone but their victims, and you cannot truly “know” people who are capable of such horrible acts, nor can you take their word at face value.

    kelly says:

    March 16, 2017 at 9:37 am
    Originally Robert’s father wanted the church to pay them off then when the church refused they barged him. All I know is if I thought my child was abused sexually or otherwise I could not be bought I would not even entertain moneu first I would want the person punished to the full extent of the law.

    Obviously, the defense made allusions that we were after some kind of big payday. Well, I assure you, that for those who actually know my family, money has never been an issue, nor is it presently, nor will it be in the future. This is due to my own professional success, as well to an extremely successful father. To suggest that I, or anyone else came looking for money is ridiculous because, although more money is always a fun thing, it would not have been needed, so, there is no motive for this. Now, when I read statements like this, I don’t know if they are true, or if the person posting is just inventing things to add fuel to the fire. But I do know one thing. If it is not an outright lie from the poster, than it would have to be coming from somewhere; the church? The priest? , all those educators?

    kelly says:

    March 14, 2017 at 4:00 pm
    You are assuming he is guilty! No other victims have even come forward and the guys who claims he did this has a long sorted history of making unfounded accusations against many people.

    Someone has to be the first! And then again, you are assuming that no other attempts at “grooming” were made. When you say JB “has a long sorted history of making unfounded accusations” then this assumes he has tried to bring different charges to different people. Please provide the evidence. Otherwise, you are making the unfounded accusations!

    Ann says:
    May 2, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    FYI he did not “go” to the police. “Robert” was being questioned regarding other charges, when he decided he was going to play the victim to try to get himself out of trouble. Facts are facts. His story was never the same twice. Not all priests are child molesters just because they are priests.

    Theresa says:

    May 2, 2017 at 5:29 pm
    You are slandering an innocent mans name! Robert was being charged with another crime when he decided in his messed up head to try and lay blame on fr.steve. In what world is that innocent? Your view of what took place is slanted and in this case on the side of a liar and criminal.

    I don’t know who you two are, but you have been a couple of slanderous louts. Never, never, never in this trial, was this mentioned. It was not brought up at all during discovery, the trial itself, or in summation. You would think that such DAMNING evidence would be front and center. Secondly, your premise does not even work. Bringing up some sexual abuse perpetrated on you, does not dismiss criminal activities you engaged in!!! The lies perpetrated by the likes of you only bring me to one conclusion. You deserve the company you keep!

    In defense of Sylvia:

    John W says:

    May 2, 2017 at 10:30 pm
    I would suggest that your speculations throughout this trial are borderline libel, and definitely irresponsible. Specifically, your “two shaver” theory was beyond over the top. You are fabricating theories, at which point you undermine the good of this site.

    Specifically what do you think a defense lawyer does during a trial? His sole mission is to obfuscate the testimony of those in front of him. Offer alternate theories, reasons for an accused actions and so on. Now, with an immature mind, like that of JB’s, he did a marvelous job. Good on him. He earned his probable $100,000 fee. But please do note that despite his best attempts, JB’s parents stayed the course despite his tactics. I can’t count the number of times he “suggested” to me his alternate facts.

    The trial is over. We will move on from all the ugliness, the looks of disdain and the lies that were perpetuated, from neighbors, educators, Burger Barons, COOs and all the rest of you old, mindless, blind sheep. But here are three facts that are undisputed. They were witnessed by JB’s parents, regardless of the priest’s denials. I leave you, the flock, to reconcile these truths in your poisoned, manipulated minds. Because, if you see no cause for concern with these, you truly will be guided off the cliff:

    1- The accused gave, over several years, hundreds and hundreds of dollars to JB. Really sheep? Do you think that is appropriate? He even continued after he was asked to stop!!

    2- The day in question, JB came home with his hair soaking. I know that all you sheep out there want to believe that this was all made up. But ten years ago, TEN, when I asked JB why his hair was wet, he said to me and his mother, “he had a shower at” Amesse’s. I know as well that the defense lawyer tried to conjure up this myth that JB was this calculated, creative kid who came up with this master plan to get money. But really…at fourteen …he was already setting him up?…Master Criminal!!!

    3- Finally, the accused himself said that he bought JB the body shaver

    John Franklin says:

    March 15, 2017 at 6:42 pm
    How in the name of all that is good and holy could ANYONE think it would be prudent to buy a young man or young woman a body shaver?

    I cannot add to this. The man is a priest. If that one fact does not make you want to vomit, then you deserve each other.

    And I cannot go without offering all you believers this huge nugget to ponder. The defense made a big display to treat JB as a liar, looking for the quick big score. Some kind of revenge for being wronged. Now let’s go with that theory or fantasy for a bit. Of all the vile, disgusting, deprived sexual acts a pervert, predator, pedophile, groomer, monster could inflict on a child…why would JB come up with this story that the priest grabbed his “kibble & bits” and shaved his “short & curlys”??? HONESTLY!!! Of everything humanly possible, this is what he came up with, that, and a few massages???

    A few more well thought out quotes:

    Jimmy says:

    March 27, 2017 at 10:15 pm
    People who do the things that Father Steve is accused of are master manipulators. Most of those around them aggressively defend them when they are accused, and can even be manipulated into attacking the accusers (often spreading lies about the victim that have been planted with surgical precision by the manipulator).

    Indeed. And the lies are still coming out, even after they got the verdict they wanted.

    Shepherd Watcher says:

    March 16, 2017 at 10:29 am
    “Father Amesse’s attitude of omnipotence, denial, and grossly inflated self-image is characteristic. He is VERY glib, and so full of himself that he cannot see any fault whatsoever in himself. He’s a “Rock Star”, deserving of eternal worship and adoration!

    Spot On!

    BC says:

    March 26, 2017 at 8:59 am
    If Father Amesse did it; he may well appear to walk as a free man and his followers will say that they have been vindicated. But he is already dead in eternity and his followers, unjustified.

    One can only hope!

    Finally, let me say that I agree with the judge’s verdict of “not guilty”. I don’t agree with the way he characterized JB, knowing how easily a young person can be manipulated by a skilled lawyer. But the burden of proof was difficult to obtain in this instance. Notwithstanding, this does not mean that I, or my family believe in any way, shape or form…that this “Wolf in Priest’s Clothing” is innocent! We are extremely proud of JB’s courage in going forward with this. Despite all the warts he had to display, all the slanderous venom spewed in his direction, the continued harassment he still receives from you God fearing Catholic hypocrites, he has, hopefully, assured that no other young man will be taken advantage of in this way by anyone in a position of authority. To the flock, your clapping was mean-spirited and hurtful to all victims of abuse, not to mention juvenile. To Amesse, you know where to stuff your “forgive”ness!!!

    To detective Jack Woods, a heartfelt “thank you”. Your years of dedication investigating and helping in the prosecution of sexual crimes is to be commended. To Crown Attorney Fara Rupert, again, a sincere “thank you” for all your efforts. Please know, that the family takes comfort, that despite the verdict, both you and Jack still fully believe that the incidents in question did take place.

    • Bob says:

      Thank you for this important contribution, I know that must have been difficult to write. I hope you can find a Christian community that lives out the gospel values; the shepherd is not always reflected in the flock. No doubt this ordeal has been an education!

    • BC says:

      I don’t believe that your family went through this ordeal in vain.
      Having not been privy to the information gathered during the investigative phase of this matter I trust that the investigators and the Crown found that there was a reasonable prospect of conviction based on evidence that was likely to be available at trial. I believe that prosecution best served the public interest because the purpose of trials is not only to convict or acquit the accused. Trials are important tools to educate the public and prevent crime.

      This case is more writing on the wall for members of the clergy. It’s message is that their conduct towards vulnerable persons is an issue that matters so much to secular society that it is willing to go to great lengths to ensure their safety. As for the disgraceful cheers and applause of Father Amesse’s followers inside the courtroom those are the sounds of their defeat. It is written:
      Father Amesse will be last.

      They do not even know what they are saying; those who say that your son accused Father Amesse. Your son did not accuse Father Amesse. Her Majesty the Queen accused Father Amesse and as a Canadian I am proud that she did that.

      And so should you.

      And so I believe that prosecution best served the public interest in this matter.

      It is not a crime for a member of the clergy to be alone with a person minor.
      Nevertheless the Diocese of Montreal has a strict policy prohibiting a member of it’s clergy from being alone with a person minor. That policy doesn’t mean that such meetings won’t happen. But it does mean that it’s easier to prevent certain forms of clerical abuse because of this policy.

      It has come to this.

      The Diocese of Ottawa’s civil liability insurers are going to demand that such a policy be implemented or civil liability coverage could be denied. Increasingly civil liability insurers are litigating with Church entities and many Dioceses are moving to having no civil liability coverage whatsoever as a fast track to bankruptcy in order to avoid litigation altogether.

    • Tara says:

      Pierre, I want to thank you and your son for your courage and strength in the face of overwhelming adversity. I also want you to know that there are many Catholics in your community who have been praying for your son since Father Steve was first charged. We will continue to keep your family in our prayers in the years to come. The abusive behaviour of Father Steve’s supporters is inexcusable. The hateful comments here and elsewhere, the false accusations, and the disruptive behaviour in the courtroom do not reflect the teachings of our Catholic faith. This kind of behaviour only reinforces the belief that the Catholic Church protects abusers. Sadly, our society continues to routinely blame victims of sexual assault and the usual “defense” is to attack the victim. Victims rarely come forward and they often settle out of court. Your son has shown incredible maturity, strength and resilience. He is blessed to have a family who believes him and supports him. In spite of the verdict, your son has so much to be proud of and to celebrate. He has undoubtedly inspired others by his example of standing up, speaking out and refusing to back down. Your son has his whole life ahead of him and with the support of his family and others, he can begin to heal and move forward knowing that he did everything he could.

    • Geoff says:

      Your Son is a Hero! Although our system protects pedophiles it does not mean that justice will not be served, this animal (priest) will have to one day have to stand in front of God and I don’t believe he will be merciful.

      Being a survivor of clerical abuse, I thank your Son and your family from the button of my heart. I’ve followed the case and the Catholic vampires supporting Amesse who are blinded and evil. The Archdiocese of Ottawa is a pedophile ring and hopefully one day with continuous courageous heroes like your son coming forward, the full extent of this will be exposed. I think anyone with a half a brain can already see it has been.

      I sincerely thank your Son,


  5. Mike Fitzgerald says:

    Pierre – The truth of the matter has been there all along, for all of us to see. I thank and commend you for standing up for your son. I am sorry that I could not be in Ottawa for your son’s case. Had it not always been for work, I would have been there.
    It must be a very difficult time for you and your family. Please know that you have my support and encouragement. I know the journey well, and if I can help in any way let Sylvia know, and she will put you in touch with me.
    Robert, you did the right thing! Hold your head high! Mike.

  6. Chris says:

    So proud of Robert for reporting it, just because no other victims came forward re KELLY”S comment (no other victims ), 1 out 3 of sexually abused don’t make it. Perhaps his other victims have already passed, committed suicide, or maybe are so stuck in their addiction trying to numb the pain that they are unable to report it. Those who have not experienced abuse, yet stand up for this pedophile priest named Stephen Amesse have no idea what a pedophile looks like. They are all walks of life, even priests whom others find could never do such horrific things to a young boy. I will guarantee he did, it must have been hard enough for Robert to report yet the verdict of not guilty is another stab in the heart for any victim. The system is so broken, there has to be a better way to stop these sick men such as Stephen Amesse to stop what he choses to do behind closed doors. He has to live with himself knowing what he did. That alone should eat him alive. I am so sorry Robert had to endure what he did by this predator priest whom he was supposed to trust. To use faith to get his rocks off in the Catholic church has been going on for decades, and still continues today. I have to comment on those cheerers as NOT one of them considered the victim, refused to believe it could be true. You are all fools and have been conned by a professional predator and the lack of CLASS they showed by cheering, at a child sexual abuse case and a catholic priest, really?

    • Kayla says:

      He was acquitted. He did not do it.

      • BC says:

        He was indeed acquitted. It doesn`t mean he didn`t offend.
        Everyday persons commit criminal offenses for which they are not even charged, let alone convicted. Think about speeding; DUI. etc. In certain specific cases even if they did commit the crime perps. can`t be convicted because they can avail themselves of several available defenses; insanity, necessity etc. In other cases lengthy delays can (and have) derail(ed) a trial altogether. Currently simple possession of marijuana is (still) a crime. But in most cases in recent years, simple possession of weed has not been typically charged. It`s just investigated to shake down suspects on trafficking narcotics and other affiliated crimes. Does it mean that a cop’s tolerance for simple possession means that a perp. didn`t actually have it in his/her possession? Of course not.

        All that can be said regarding Father Amesse, up until now, is that he was charged and acquitted. He could be re-charged. Section 11(h) of the Charter prohibiting double jeopardy applies only after an accused person has been “finally” convicted or acquitted. We`re not there yet. He could be charged for perjury. He could be charged in other matters.

        Long is the arm of the law. It is greater than the vanity of Father Amesse’s followers. And I can live with the idea that Father Amesse may have gotten away with it. We all should.
        Because he won’t.

      • chris says:

        Just because someone is acquitted DOES NOT mean they are NOT GUILTY. LOL!!! He did it 100% , we all know it, otherwise they are in denial. I believe Robert the victim of the predator. Karma will get him .

      • Mel says:

        So many stupid nieve people in the world. Sad they hide behind the church and support a molestor. We all know Stephen Amessee is so so guilty , he did it.

  7. Bob LeDrew says:

    I discovered this site via CBC’s coverage of it some time ago. I suppose I’m an odd visitor here — I am not a Catholic, I have not been the victim of clerical abuse, I have no direct connection to it.

    As an ‘outsider’, then, a couple of observations. In a previous life, a long time ago, I interviewed Michael Harris after the publication of “Unholy Orders”, a book about the clerical scandals in Newfoundland. He told me a story about receiving a handwritten note from a senior member of the church after the book came out and as he was continuing to cover the issue. It read (and I remember him telling me this as plain as day): “What’s done is done, Mike. Why not get with the forgiveness thing?”

    Hearing that comment, after reading the book and having read of what had happened in Newfoundland, incensed me. And I don’t know that that fire has ever really been quenched.

    Some of the comments on this site in the wake of the Amesse verdict remind me of that. The gloating, the smearing — I find it nauseating, to be honest. As I look from outside, I see an institution that has structural flaws and problems when it comes to clerical abuse. I see an institution that protects itself more than it does its “lambs.”

    I don’t know the truth of what happened between Amesse and his accuser. But given the history of the Church in the last 50 years, I know who I am more likely to believe.

    If you are someone who believes that Amesse did not commit a criminal act — have the dignity to say “an innocent man has been acquitted, the system worked” and walk away. To do what you’ve been doing diminishes you as a human and — in my outsider’s opinion — a person of faith.

  8. Debby says:

    Pierre, I have been both blessed and privileged to know your entire family for some years now. I have come to know JB as a sincere and tenderhearted young man and to care for him as one of my own. I have never, not even for a flicker of a second, doubted that your son was telling the truth, and that Stephen Amesse is guilty doing exactly what he is accused of.

    In spite of the verdict, I do not doubt your son’s account of his abuse. Childhood memories, for any of us, can become clouded or confused over time. The fact that this abuse did take place, still remains. I have no doubt whatsoever. NONE.

    I join you in being grateful for those who stood by JB and your family, who supported him through Sylvia’s site and through the court proceedings and worked so hard to bring about justice. Unfortunately, the justice system does not always work for the victim. Det. Jack Woods, Crown Fara Rupert, your years of hard work are not in vain and we are truly thankful for you both.

    JB is a true hero in my eyes, and for those who cannot, for whatever reason, come forward, he is their hero as well. JB has brought to light those things done in secret, by a man who’s narcissistic, good guy facade has obviously fooled far too many. This verdict is exactly the reason why victims do not come forward. Horrors and abuses that happen behind closed doors can be difficult to prove in a court of law and as someone pointed out, only the victim sees the wolf under the sheep’s clothing. Or in this case, the predator under a priests robes.

    I truly believe JB was not the first victim nor was he the last. With charges laid, JB essentially cut off Amesse’s access to more potential victims. Who knows how many children were spared the same abuse because JB DID THE ONLY RIGHT THING; not for himself, but to protect other potential victims, other innocent children. There was NOTHING personally for him to gain by reporting his abuse. NOTHING. Who the hell puts themselves through this kind of ordeal for any reason other than it happened?!

    To those arrogant know-it-alls who claim 14 is not a child; The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child defines child as “a human being below the age of 18 years unless under the law applicable to the child, majority is attained earlier”. In Ontario the definition of minor child is “a person under 18 years”. (For child protection, it is 16) A person 14 years of age is still a child and I have no doubt were it your child you would be on the receiving end of such remarks. Walk a mile in someone elses shoes.

    To those who cheered and clapped in court, you have no shame, no conscience and no soul. Make no mistake, you may be Catholic but you are definitely not Christians and are most definitely not Christ followers. You are the same bunch of sick, repugnant clowns who sneered and rolled your eyes at this young man and his family during their very painful and public testimony. Shame on all of you. You delighted in their pain, especially that of JB and your dishonoured a court of law by using it for your own morbid entertainment . Your actions are completely unconscionable. You make me sick. You and Amesse can continue the party in hell in the next life. Make no mistake, he will face the final judgement. Court may not have found him guilty, but God knows his evil deeds and will sentence him accordingly.

    Bob LeDrew, thank you for your accurate observation- “If you are someone who believes that Amesse did not commit a criminal act — have the dignity to say “an innocent man has been acquitted, the system worked” and walk away. To do what you’ve been doing diminishes you as a human and — in my outsider’s opinion — a person of faith.” Thank you for your eloquent and articulate voice in this matter.

    In closing, I would like to thank you Sylvia, for your tireless efforts in supporting victims, for providing truthful and accurate coverage of these cases, for giving victims and their supporters a forum to speak openly and support one another, and for the godly woman and guardian angel that you are. Thank you to your husband Mike for his support and using his voice on behalf of victims.

    Lastly, to the trolls who have abused this sight to spew your poison and inflict more pain and damage on the victim, I challenge you to three things 1-open your Bibles, 2-open your hearts and minds and 3-open yourselves to the possibility that you have supported the wrong person in this and how would your support differ if it were your child or someone you loved.

    Over and out, for good, or until Amesse is caught again.

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