Heartbreaking and disgusting

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An acquittal for Father Stephen Amesse:

02 May 2017: Ottawa priest found not guilty of sexually assaulting teen boy

I am just home from the courthouse.  I saw and heard the cheers and applause from the gathered throng of Father Stephen Amesse supporters.  I saw the tears of a mother, a father, family members and friends.  I saw the tears and agony of “Robert,”  the young man who found the courage to go to police and bravely stick it through to the end – a bitter end indeed.

What happened at that courthouse today  was both heartbreaking and disgusting.

And, I must say that I was taken aback by what seemed to me to some  very subjective comments from the judge.

More later.

Please keep “Robert” and his family in your prayers.

Today was a not so gentle reminder that at times it is indeed  a cruel cruel world out there.

Enough for now,



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17 Responses to Heartbreaking and disgusting

  1. Theresa says:

    WOW we must have been on a different courtroom this whole trial because nothing you have reported on has been accurate at all. Very one sided, and defensive of people you don’t even know against an innocent man you should be ashamed of yourself! I hope you are charged for the lies and defamation you spread in this case.

    • Sylvia says:

      You accuse me of lying Theresa. Would you kindly point out and quote exactly where, according to you, I lied?

      • Ann says:

        FYI he did not “go” to the police. “Robert” was being questioned regarding other charges, when he decided he was going to play the victim to try to get himself out of trouble. Facts are facts. His story was never the same twice. Not all priests are child molesters just because they are priests.

  2. Theresa says:

    You are slandering an innocent mans name! Robert was being charged with another crime when he decided in his messed up head to try and lay blame on fr.steve. In what world is that innocent? Your view of what took place is slanted and in this case on the side of a liar and criminal.

  3. Brad says:

    Here’s a thought – why do priests allow themselves to even appear to be involved in inappropriate relationships with young boys? Perhaps if they weren’t delusional in terms of following the words of snake charmers and ancient roman aristocrats, but instead put their inherent goodwill (the non-paedophiles I mean) to truly good and benevolent tasks rather than the promotion of a particular religion, these things wouldn’t happen as much. Also, who truly knows what the hell happened other than Amesse and “Robert”, looks like religion is really working out for both of them right now.

    • Bob says:

      What a passingly strange comment. The recipients of the Sacrament of Holy Orders have as their specific mission performing the sacraments and proclaiming the word. Everyone is all for benevolence as a general human trait, but expecting a priest to not do the very thing they’ve been commissioned to do is about as appropriate as asking a Rabbi to proclaim Islam. And why a priest’s participation in the very religion he is expected to proclaim would have anything to do with motivating scandal…. well I don’t get how those dots got connected.

  4. Natalie says:

    Heartbreaking and disgusting is merely your opinion. The fact remains that the Crown did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the allegations were true. There were many inconsistencies within the testimony. Hard to convict with those in mind. I can’t say for sure but one can hope that sexual allegations not be taken lightly and the judge ruled based on what was presented to him.

  5. John W says:

    Sylvia, I think that you need to take into account the possibility that Father Amesse is innocent.

    You have been accused of lying. I would suggest that your speculations throughout this trial are borderline libel, and definitely irresponsible. Specifically, your “two shaver” theory was beyond over the top. You are fabricating theories, at which point you undermine the good of this site.

    Someone has suggested that this is not the forum for those celebrating Father Amesse’s verdict. I disagree. This forum does the best service when the guilty and the innocent are identified. Please keep up the good work.

    • Sylvia says:

      Shoot away John. If it makes you feel good, carry on. I’ll be the punching bag.

      • Kelly says:

        She has fabricated things all along! Placing ideas in the people’s heads to make them against any priest period! It’s cult like in its following and they make you think if you think someone has any benefit of the doubt that your a nut job too! Very unhealthy!

  6. Kayla says:

    Yup … this site is one sided….

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