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Two little tid bits of news regarding Father Robert MacKenzie (Scot born priest and former Benedictine monk now in the Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan)

(1)  In response to a question regarding Father MacKenzie and Southdown, Father Lorne Crozon ( Vicar General) replied that  to his knowledge Father MacKenzie has never attended Southdown.

(2)  Father MacKenzie arrived in the Archdiocese in July 1988.

Slowly but surely, more to come on all of this.


Friday wound up being file income tax returns day 🙁  For various reasons we are late getting at it so that had to take priory .  It is basically taken care of, but, that meant that some phone calls I was hoping to place regarding Father Javier De Los Angeles Cortazar yesterday  afternoon were put on the shelf.  I have however been turning my brain inside out over the travesty of justice or whatever anyone wants to call what transpired in that Meadow Lake courthouse this past Tuesday and what has been going on the Diocese of Prince Albert Saskatchewan in response to this scandal.  So, what free time there was was spent poring through canon law books and the Criminal Code of Canada,  – and thinking! 🙂

More tomorrow,

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