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Previously convicted and presently incarcerated former church organist Brian Lucy has a court date this morning:

10 April 2017:  10 am, to set a date, either for a guilty plea or sentencing, Brockville Ontario courthouse (41 Court House Square)

If anyone hears or sees news of the outcome, please pass it along.

As always, please keep the complainants in your prayers


Three days ago in relation to Scotland and Father Robert MacKenzie, I made reference to Southdown and the fact that the information previously posted in is one of many “pages” to be repopulated on the The Inquiry website.

Well, the Southdown ‘page’ was more than a page.  Much more.  I spent the weekend trying to get as much of that information back together as possible and re- posted.

Those postings date back about 10 years!  – right back in fact to the early days of the Cornwall Public Inquiry and news that Jesuit Father John Loftus a former Executive Director of the Southdown institute,  would be be called upon to testify as an “expert” witness and sit as a member of Justice Norman Glaude’s Advisory panel.

Thankfully, complaints about Father Loftus and conflict of interest prevailed:  Father Loftus did not testify as an expert witness.  My recollection is, however, that he continued to ‘advise’ the commissioner as a member of the Advisory Panel

Anyway, most of that information has now been re-posted.  There are still a multitude of links to fix in posts throughout the years. but, this is a start.

Apologies for the look of The Inquiry website.  Those who have followed the site for the past 11 years know the trials and tribulations encountered when the developers of the site software stopped supporting the software,  the result being that one day|The Inquiry was poof – gone!  There are literally thousands of pages of documents and information which need to be re-posted.  That has entailed further problems and heartache with software 🙁  A few months back I decided to take a break from it and try to think through a way ahead.  Perhaps I am ready to take another shot at it?  For now, however,  the object of the exercise was to just get the information re-posted, and worry about layout and webdesign later.

Enough for now,



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