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A little more information on Father Robert MacKenzie, the Scottish-born former Benedictine monk who, at age 56, landed in Saskatchewan, became a diocesan priest and a Canadian citizen, and is now in essence wanted in Scotland.

First, an ad for Fort Augustus Abbey School which ran in British paper in 1985.

April 1985:  Fort Augustus Abbey School ad in newspaper ( Father Robert MacKenzie would still have been on staff at this time)

Then, to give you a  bit of a feel for the scandal surrounding Fort Augustus, a  group of articles which ran in 2013 and 2014 regarding allegations of physical and sexual abuse at Fort Augustus Abbey:

19 February 2014:   “Second man charged over Fort Augustus Abbey school abuse claims” & related articles from 2013 and 2014 giving background on Fort Augustus Abbey School scandal

Finally, for now, a few dates related to Father MacKenzie’s  assignments, and a clarification from Father Lorne Crozon , the Vicar General of the Regina Archdiocese .

Regarding dates…

According to Father Corzon, Father MacKenize began serving  at Blessed Sacrament Parish, Regina on 01 September 1988. On May 1, 1989 he began to serve at  Holy Trinity Parish in Regina, and on 01 August he was appointed to  St. John’s Parish in Marquis.  According to previous information provided that year in Marquis included  Central Butte – and during that year he also served as Chaplain at Vanier College in Moose Jaw.   On 01 August  he was assigned to  St. Patrick’s in Cupar (with missions in Dysart and Lipton) .  He remained in Cupar after his retirement in 2010 and lived in the  the rectory until March 2017 .

Regarding clarification…

In an email received today Father Corzon wrote:

“I would also like to clarify a previous statement regarding abuse and Father Mackenzie.  That,  the Archdiocese of Regina never received any allegations of abuse from members of the Archdiocese of Regina regarding Father Mackenzie. “

Initially (28 March 2017) Father Crozon had written:  “The Archdiocese never received any allegations of abuse against Father Mackenize.”

To further clarify, here are the questions which were sent to the VG 27 March 2017:

  1. When did Father MacKenzie start to serve as a priest in the Archdiocese of Regina?  According to the entry in Faith Alive, he arrived in 1985.  I think that is possibly a typo and should perhaps be 1988?  Could you please clarify?
  2. When did Father MacKenzie become incardinated in the Archdiocese of Regina?
  3. The 1991 Catholic Church Directory gives Father MacKenzie’s mailing address and phone number as that of the Marquis and Central Butte Roman Catholic churches.  Since his arrival, did Father MacKenzie ever serve in any capacity at St. John Roman Catholic Church in Marquis, Saskatchewan and Saint Mary Roman Catholic Church in Central Butte, Saskatchewan, and/or barring Cupar and its missions, in any other churches within the archdiocese, and,  if so, where and for what years?
  4. When did the Archdiocese of Regina first become aware that there are sex abuse allegations against Father Mackenzie stemming from his years in Scotland?
  5. Have there ever been allegations of sex misconduct of any nature against Father MacKenzie reported to the Archdiocese of Regina?

I am awaiting word as to when the archdiocese first became aware of sex abuse allegations against Father MacKenzie related to his years in Scotland.

I am also wondering exactly when Father MacKenzie arrived in Saskatchewan.

More information to come.  I am heading out for the evening 🙂

Enough for now,


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