“Reasonable doubt” about age

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By now you may have seen the news regarding Nathan Labatt’s Kamsack charges:  Acquitted.  Here is the article from Yorkton This Week:

31 March 2017:  Labatt acquitted on sex and child porn charges

To say that this is disturbing news is putting it mildly.  There is evidence that Labatt admitted he had inappropriately propositioned the victim, and that he had an explicit picture on his cell phone of the victim’s private parts, and that he assumed the victim was under 16.

Despite all of this, according to the paper “Judge Patrick Koskie ruled that the Crown had not definitively proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim was under the age of 16.”

Without having been there there is no way of knowing what exactly happened in  that courtroom.  Once we see the judge’s reasons for judgment we may have more of an idea.    I hope and pray that it was not a case of the Crown failing to call a witness such as a parent, or sibling, or another camper, or another camp counsellor who could testify as to the year and therefore the age of the victim.

As it stands, because of ‘reasonable doubt’ about the victim’s age, the judge has ruled that Labatt’s actions were not criminal.

As I said elsewhere, I wonder if there are grounds to appeal?

Please keep the victim and the victim’s family in your prayers.


A little more news regarding Father Robert MacKenzie.

No word yet from the Vicar General on the dates Father Mackenzie served at various churches.  As soon as I have them I will pass them along.  Hopefully Monday.

But, a little news about Father MacKenzie’s ordination.

According to the Berwickshire News and General Advertiser,  Northumberland, England, Father MacKenzie was ordained 17 July 1956, at the Abbey Church in Fort Augustus, by Bishop Francis Walsh, of Aberdeen

17 July 1956

Ordination at Fort Augustus 

At ordination ceremony held in the Abbey Church. Fort Augustus, on Sunday, Father Robert McKenzie, Edinburgh, an old boy of the Abbey School, was raised to the priesthood by Bishop Francis Walsh, of Aberdeen.

So, Father MacKenzie is an Edinburgh boy and  an ‘old boy’ of Fort Augustus Abbey School who was ordained at the Abbey church on 17 July 1956 , and was ordained by Bishop Francis Walsh, of Aberdeen.

Thank you to the individual who kindly sent along that information.

Enough for now,


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