Beyond that, more news…

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So, a little more information has been added to the Father Robert MacKenzie page.  Take a look at it now.  There have been a number of changes as information is clarified and/or corrected.

Look at this.  This is a picture of the setting of Fort Augustus Abbey.  That body of water is the Southern tip of Loch Ness







How sad that a site of such exquisite  beauty could also become, according to Sins of Our  Fathers and other Scottish media,  a site of such brutality and unspeakable, atrocious  and abhorrent crimes.

Beyond that, more news…

I received a response today to  a series of questions posed to the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Regina, Father Lorne D. Crozon.  He answered every question.  Here is what we have learned about Father Robert MacKenzie:

(1)  He arrived in Regina Saskatchewan in 1988 (I may get the exact date tomorrow)’

(2)  Father Mackenzie was incardinated in the Archdiocese of Regina 31 May 1993 (that’s when he ceased being a Benedictine priest and officially became a diocesan priest for the Archdiocese of Regina.  Now he sort of ‘belongs’ to the Archdiocese of Regina and is answerable to the Archbishop.)

(3) Since his arrival in the archdiocese Father MacKenzie served in

i  Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church, Regina for eight months

ii  Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church, Regina for three months

iii  Saint Cecilia Roman Catholic Church Regina for one month

iv  St. John Roman Catholic Church in Marquis, and Saint Mary Roman Catholic Church in Central Butte, Saskatchewan for one year.  During this year he also served as Chaplain to Vanier College in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

(4)  In August 1990 Father MacKenzie was assigned to St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Cupar, Saskatchewan, with responsibilities also for  the mission churches of at Saint John the Baptist  Roman Catholic  Church in Dysart and Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Lipton, Saskatchewan

(5)  Father MacKenzie retired when he reached the age of 70 but continued to live in the rectory

(6)  “At present Father MacKenzie is in a place where he can be supervised and cared for as we await further developments from Scotland. “

(7)  “The Archdiocese never received any allegations of abuse against Father MacKenzie. “

I have asked for the dates during which Father MacKenzie served in the various parishes.  Those should be available tomorrow.

Amazing.  Have you noticed?  This has not hit the news yet anywhere in Canada.  Not even in Saskatchewan!

Anyway, that’s the news for now, and

Enough for now.


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