Newfoundland trial starts tomorrow

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A reminder to you people In Newfoundland that the three-day sex abuse trial of twice previously convicted Father Gary Hoskins  is scheduled to start tomorrow morning in Corner Brook, Newfoundland:

21-24 March 2017:  10 am, TRIAL Corner Brook, NFLD Superior Court (81 Mt. Bernard Avenue.)

Father Hoskins was recycled to the Archdiocese of Toronto after his first guilty plea. As is noted on his page, Parishioners at St. Anne’s in Brampton found out by accident (relatives visiting from Newfoundland) that their new assistant priest was a molester.  According to a blogger on Sylvia’s Site, the parish priest told parishioners that no-one had asked them about their past when they joined the parish and that basically Father Hoskin’s past was none of their business.

He has been working for the Center for Addictions and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto since 1995.  Unless there has been a radical change since May 2016, sad to say, he is still a priest.

The current charges were laid back in February of 2013 .  Yes, four long long years ago.  Let’s hope this doesn’t wind up getting thrown out with Hoskins claiming that his right to a speedy trial has been violated.

Let’s also hope and pray that the media is there to cover this.  They are usually pretty good in Nefoundland, so keep fingers crossed

I encourage those who can do so to attend.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

Enough for now,



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