Time to smell the flowers

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My last  post was meant to be  a reference to Eric the bodybuilder.  With this news:

16 March 2017:  “Nunavut court approves legal funding for pedophile priest Eric Dejaeger” & related article (

“Eric”  became a thread for Eric Dejaeger 🙂

Not at all welcome news I am sure for the many victims who suffered so long to see justice done. Keep them all in your prayers.  I am sure they all thought it was finally over.  Sadly and obviously, it’s not.  Keep them in your prayers.


The “Eric”  whom I mentioned in the last post was actually reference to Eric the bodybuilder, a friend of Father Stephen Amesse. I have, as I mentioned, been sidetracked looking for information on this man.  A worthwhile venture in the long run.  I found pictures.

I’ll explain all of this later.  Well, probably not by any stretch will I  explain “all ” because I absolutely will not direct anyone to what I spent hours checking and  rechecking and comparing to ensure I was seeing properly.

Break time.

Time to smell the flowers.


Today is St. Patrick’s Day.  A day off today.  A special day.  Not only is it St. Patrick’s Day, but, it’s the first day of my husband retirement 🙂  A big day!

So, Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

Now, my little Paddy’s day gift to each of you….

…some beautiful photography and an  equally beautiful piece of music and message.  This  is my prayer for each of you on this St. Patrick’s Day

The Gaelic singer is Aoife Ni Fearraigh.  Roma Downey recites the words.

I shared it before.  I hope you enjoy  again.


Enough for now.


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