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There are several new articles posted regarding the Father Yvon Arsenault sentencing of yesterday, two with video clips embedded, and one a goog trnaslation – with original French text – from Acadie Nouvelle:

24 February 2017:  “Yvon Arsenault, a former parish priest, faces his victims” & original French text

24 February 2017:  Former priest Yvon Arsenault handed 4-year sentence for 9 sex crimes (with VIDEO embed)  

24 February 2017:  Priest sentenced to four years (with VIDEO embed) 

First, well done Jean Louis Pitre!  And, a note to those who are going through the criminal process.  In Canada there is an automatic publication ban ‘imposed’ on the names of all “alleged” sex abuse victims.  The ban is there, whether you want it or not.  For most  if not all “alleged” victims, the ban is welcome.  Most, if not all, of you can relate to the fact that there were, and possibly still are, days when you did not want a single soul to know that you are victim.  However, some of you can probably also relate to the fact that a number of victims discover that, from the time that charges were first laid until trial and a conviction and sentencing rolls around, they have grown stronger and, often much to their surprise, realize that would actually like to speak publicly, and do not want to do so anonymously.

Take a cue from Jean-Louis Pitre.  IF you want the ban lifted, do what Jean-Louis did: request that it be lifted when you are in court, for a sentencing hearing, or for sentencing.  As much as you may find it hard to believe, even if you personally did not ask for that ban, you are bound by that court order.  If you have decided that you no longer wish to remain anonymous, it truly is not worth the risk of violating a court order, no matter how much you are personally convinced that you do not want the ban on your name or identity.  So, take a cue from Jean-Louis, do it while court is in process, before it’s all over and done with.  It is very simple to do it then and there.  It is a more complicated process to deal with after the trial over and done with.  Yes, of course it can be done afterwards, but it is not as simple.  So, if you are leaning in that direction at all, think about, and IF you have decided that is the route you wish to go, ask that it be done during the sentencing hearing, or sentencing.

For those who are not ready to take that step, rest assured that there is no shame in that at all.  I am passing this along only because I am aware of situations where a victim wanted to speak out publicly and felt he/she could not do so because of a publication ban.  Don;t ever risk a run in with the law for violating a publication ban, even if it is, strange as it may seem,  a ban on your own name!

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