Update on sentencing hearing

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The sentencing hearing for Father Yvon Arsenault has concluded.  The judge will pronounce sentence this afternoon at 2 pm.

Here are two articles with info regarding what sounds like a very emotional hearing this morning:

24 February 2017:  “Former priest Yvon Arsenault to be sentenced for 9 sex crimes” with CBC live blog

24 February 2017:  Sentencing underway for N.B. priest who pleaded guilty to molesting boys

Note the article with the CBC live blog.  There is quite a bit of information there .  Note too both Crown and defence have asked for four years, and, both agree sentences to run concurrently.

Strange too, the judge seems to have made some comment about not imposing conditions “Says court sees no use, in 2017, in imposing conditions like staying away from schools, parks, people under 16″?

And see where defence lawyer puts out the standard “There are no magical solutions Mr. judge. But you can take into consideration the last 30 years of his life, where there are no accusations”

And this:  “’If you talk to him about this today, it’s painful for him,’ says lawyer, as people in court start mumbling in apparent disapproval.”

And this:  “After the 70s he made sure such incidents were never repeated, Lemieux tells court of Arsenault.”

And, oh yes indeed,  this:  “He pleaded guilty and avoided having to go through lengthy court proceedings he says”

And, this:  “He says priest reoriented his practice after sex crimes, so that he no longer worked with youths, in order to try to make things right”

Really?  Why I wonder did he claim to have “reoriented his practise after his sex crimes”?  Was he caught way back then?  was he reported?  was he recycled?  Sound like it, does it not?

And then, short excerpts from the two victim impact statements read by victims in court:

“Because you touched me, my kids, even the ones I let you baptise, grew up atheist.”

“You told me I would become a good priest. People thought you were like a God on earth. My grandmother loved you.”

“You touched me while offering to become my spiritual guide.”

He’s decided to go to counselling now because he’s tired of being angry all the time,

Went to AA for 6 months, but couldn’t stay. Said he had trouble with the word “God”

Keep the victims in your prayers  And pray that that the judge at the very least abides by what seems to be a plea deal – the four years requested jointly by defence and the Crown.

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[Sentencing at 2 pm in afternoon (1 pm est.  Follow the live CBC blog from inisde the courtroom here ]

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