More charges for Lucy

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More charges have been laid against previously convicted, presently incarcerated former church organist  Brian Lucy.

07 February 2017: “New sex charges laid against former Gananoque church organist” & related article

Please note the following from the  Note the following from the Gananoque Police Service

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information about this investigation is asked to contact the Gananoque Police Service at 613-382-4422 or 613-382-4509.

I encourage those with information to contact the police.  I also commend the complainant for coming forward.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


The following articles and/or documents were also posted today.:

04 February 2017:  Barbara Blaine, leader of priest sex-abuse survivors group, steps down

I wonder what”s going on?  First David Clohessy, now Barbara Blaine?  My prayer is that victims are not hurt in the process or fall-out.

07 February 2017:  “Father Thomas Doyle tells royal commission Vatican failed sex abuse victims” & related articles

As many know, I am no fan of Father Doyle.  At this time  I choose to keep to keep some of he reasons to myself, but one involves Father Doyle’s interaction with Dick Nadeau starting in 2000, and, after Dick’s death, subsequent testimony in 2007 as an expert witness at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  I blogged my thoughts on 07 November 2007, and also posted “Besmirching the Dead.

Dick, a victim of Father Hector Cote, a Viatorian priest at the Cornwall Classical College, became a dear friend.  He was quite a character, gruff,  fearless in his efforts to expose the Cornwall sex abuse cover-up, and quite a researcher.   Over the years we became good friends.  He confided in me frequently .  I think I said all I wanted to say before.

 I did try to watch Father Doyle’s testimony last evening.  I lasted an hour 🙁  I did however post the transcript:

07 February 2017:  Transcript- Canon lawyer Father Tom Doyle testimony at Australian Royal Commission Case Study 50

After I go read through  it I may comment

Enough for now,


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