The bad news

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And here’s the bad news from Australia:

February 2017:  Australian Royal Commission Proportion of Priests and non ordained religious subject to a claim of sexual abuse claims 1950 to 2010

And here are the comments made by the commission lawyer Monday referencing the report

February 2017:  Here is the shocking opening address to the royal commission about child abuse in the Catholic church

The Australian Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is currently dealing with what it refers to as “Case Study 50. This session will run for three weeks with a series of witnesses,  including bishops and clergy, being called to testify. Here is the witness list for the hearings:

Royal Commission Case Study 50 witness list February 2017

For those who are interested in following the hearings in whole or in part

Click here to access the commission website.  When the hearings for the day proceed access to the webcam is usually on this page.

The hearings are in Sydney, Australia and air  Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT).  Google the time in Australia to find out when the hearings will air live in your region.   I know that here in the region of Ottawa, Ontario the Tuesday hearing commencing at 10 am in Sydney starts at 6 pm today (Monday).

And, for those interested in digging a little deeper still

Click here to access all exhibits to be used in this three-week

It’s looking as though politics will come into play here – should be interesting.

Enough for now,


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