What about the children?

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Convicted child molester from the Archdiocese of Kingston Father Robyn Gwyn had a court date this morning in Kingston, Ontario.

You may recall that Gwyn was convicted at his first trial by a judge (September 2016), and entered a guilty plea prior to his second trial  (October 2016).

It looks as though sentencing on both cases will proceed separately.  Father Gwyn has two upcoming court dates:

03 March 2017: 09:30 am, assignment court, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 5 Court Street, Kingston  (it looks as though this may be dealing with the offences to which he entered a guilty plea ?)

26 April 2017:  1 pm, sentencing (hearing?), Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 5 Court Street, Kingston  (it looks as though this relates to the offences to which he was convicted at trial)

There is usually a sentencing hearing prior to sentencing, essentially an opportunity for each side to present its case for or against leniency, as well as – often – reports regarding potential to re-offend and such.  To my knowledge there has not yet been a sentencing hearing, so I think that 26 April date may be a sentencing hearing?

We shall see.

Please keep the victims in your prayers.


 It just does not end.

Look at this.  It took a while for this to reach the public, but, thankfully, it’s out.

Those who have an interest in the “Cornwall” sex abuse scandal and cover-up, and less-than-honest police officers, and ‘conspiracies, just look at this:

26 January 2017:  “Cop photographed half-naked prisoner” & related articles

A female office with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) no less, covering up the allegations of a sex abuse of a 14-year-old girl.  Deliberately covering them up! And her boyfriend – also an OPP officer – knew, and, from what I can see here, did nothing.

This, after the scandal which plagued the Cornwall area of years, and on the heels of the long drawn out Cornwall Public Inquiry which exposed one case of police bungling and/or cover-up after the other?

Disturbing beyond measure.

Leaving aside the voyeurism charges, look at this:

“CAS (Children’s Aid Society) is going to be in our face,” MacDonald told the mother during one of their phone calls, adding that if charges are laid, “(the boyfriend) won’t be able to be around your kids, like any of them.”

What human being in their right mind, let alone a police officer, believes that sex abuse allegations should not be reported because it would mean that the “alleged” molester would be prohibited from being around the other children in the family?

How sick is this?

Why, I wonder, were the pair not charged with conspiracy?  Does that not sound like a conspiracy?

And this:

When confronted later by another OPP officer tasked with investigating the sexual assault, MacDonald lied about what she knew of the complaint.

Through the investigation, the 14-year-old girl gave investigators a different story about what had happened than what she told MacDonald. In the end, no charges were laid in the teen’s case.

No charges laid.  Presumably, according tot he article, the girl gave a different story to investigators than the one she gave to MacDonald!

Why, pray tell, under the circumstances, would anyone believe what MacDonald had to say?

By the way, did you notice who MacDonald’s lawyer is?

Does the name sound familiar?

Yes, indeed.  Michael Edelson. That is indeed the high-priced lawyer who represented Cornwall lawyer and Church Canon lawyer at Jacques Leduc‘s preliminary hearing.  It wasn’t Edeslon who got Leduc off on those sex abuse charges on a technicality, but it seems it was Edelson to whom Leduc turned when charges were laid.

And, yes, that is the same Michael Edelson who defended  and got Bishop Raymond Lahey off with a little slap on the back of the hand on those child porn charges.  Lahey has since, thankfully, been laicized.  That I believe was his choice.  It was made very clear in court that Lahey had been engaging in homosexual activity for years and was planning to carry on life with his ‘partner’ of the previous ten years.

And, yes,  that is indeed the same Michael Edelson who defended now convicted murderer  Colonel Russel Williams.  In exchange for his guilty pleas to murder and sexual assault, no charges were laid against Williams for the child porn found on his computer.

Constable Luann MacDonald is due back in Ottawa court 03 March 2017 for a sentencing hearing.  Her boyfriend, fellow OPP officer Constable John Bernard , has a court date on the same day.

I trust that come sentencing there will be one powerful message sent to Luanne MacDonald with a good looong spell behind bars.  It goes without saying that I trust her days with the OPP are finished.

Sickening, all of this, is it not?  In the Church.  Out of the Church.  Everywhere.

What about the children?

Enough for now.


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