Why else would he go?

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It took a while to finally get it, but, here is the next court date for previously convicted Archdiocese of Ottawa priest Father Barry McGrory  is:

01 February 2017:  08:30 am.  “to be spoken to,”  courtroom #5, Ottawa courthouse (161 Elgin St.)

As always, please keep the victims and complainants in your prayers.


In case you missed it, recently convicted and yet-to-be-sentenced Archdiocese of Ottawa priest Father Jacques Faucher is in jail for breach ff his release conditions:

19 January 2017:  Ottawa priest convicted of molesting boys back in jail after allegedly visiting kids pool 96 times

The judge will render his decision on sentencing on the sex abuse convictions 25 January 2017 at 2 pm.

This  breach charge is being handled apart from the sex abuse charges.  I’m honestly not sure if that is good or bad.  When ex-priest Donald Grecco was convicted on his breach charge in 2011 it was one of those ‘Tut. Tut. Bad bad boy’ moments.  He was sentenced to the 30 days  he had served pre-sentencing to run concurrently –  plus one day mind you !  Let’s hope this is not a repeat.

No matter, Father Faucher is now behind bars for frequenting the children’s swimming pool in Lowertown Community Centre, Ontario and is due in court a Gatineau Quebec on the breach charge 12 February 2017.  

I tried today to get the start time for the Gatineau court date.  It seems there was no record to be found, and I am to call back tomorrow morning to try again!   I will let you know.  It would be nice to have a time.

I must admit that I can not stop thinking about this 80-year-old priest hanging around a swimming pool getting his jollies watching those children.  Why else would he go?  Why else risk jail by violating the conditions of his release?

It makes my skin crawl.  It really does.   I honestly hope pray that he never managed to get beyond ogling with any of the children he saw or encountered in those many many illegal “visits” to the pool.

As always, keep the victims in your prayers

Enough for now,


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4 Responses to Why else would he go?

  1. Sylvia says:

    Correction: Father Faucher was frequenting the children’s section of the pool at the Ottawa Lowertown Community Centre NOT Vanier, Ontario

  2. Concerned Aylmer Resident says:

    The pool in question is actually located in Aylmer Quebec, where Mr. Faucher presently resides… it’s on the Upper Aylmer Road adjacent to the Provigo (formerly Loblaws) grocery store. The Ottawa Citizen updated their recent article to correctly identify the pool yesterday.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Thank you! I could not understand why Gatineau Quebec police would be handling offences which allegedly transpired in the Ottawa Ontario area.

    I have updated the Citizen article.

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