Committed to stand trial

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Here are the latest court date updates.

(1)  Father Amer Saka (Priest with Chaldean Catholic Church in Canada.  On 13 July 2016 Father Saka was charged  with fraud over $5,000 and possessing proceeds of property or thing exceeding $5,000. Police will say only that the total sum of money ‘lost’ was in excess of $500,000.)

The next court date for Father Amer Saka is:

02 February 2017:  09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” courtroom #5,  London Ontario courthouse ( 80 Dundas St.)

(2)    Nathan Labatt (Former youth volunteer with Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry – facing charges in three jurisdictions in Saskatchewan)

Nathan Labatt has been committed to stand trial on the Humboldt Saskatchewan charges.  The trial will be conducted in the Court of Queen’s Bench, Saskatoon.  I am awaiting a call back with the next court date in Saskatoon.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers

(3)  Father Ronald Leger (previously convicted Viatoran priest who taught at Cornwall Classical College and then served in the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface Manitoba for many years)

The next court date for Father Ronald Leger is:

23 January 2017: 1 pm (1300 hrs), courtroom #301:  Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.)

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(4)  Father Barry McGrory  (Previously convicted.  Archdiocese of Ottawa)

Am still waiting for a call back with Father Barry McGrory’s next court date.   As soon as I have news I will post.

(5)    Eric Dejaeger (Ex priest, serial molester – member of the Oblates)

The next court date for Eric Dejaeger omi is:

15 March 2017:   1:30 pm, “to be spoken to” brought forward to the court of appeal panel, Iqaluit courthouse, Iqaluit, Nunavut

Am I missing any?  If yes, please let me know.


It was beautiful here this morning.  Freezing rain yesterday and snow overnight had coated the trees – branches were heavy heavy from weight of the ice and then laden with snow.   Like a postcard.  Unfortunately, as beautiful as it was we lost a few branches which snapped under the weight 🙁   Still, I must admit I enjoyed the beauty.  A treat 🙂

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