Lots of catching up to do….

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Lots of holiday catching up to do 🙂

There were two court dates today:

(1)  Father Ronald Leger csv (previously convicted Viatoran priest who taught at Cornwall Classical College and then served in the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface Manitoba for many years)

03 January 2017:  1 pm (1300 hrs), courtroom #301:  Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.)

If anyone sees anything regarding the outcome would you please pass  along a link.

As always, please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Father Yvon Arsenault (Archdiocese of Moncton, New Brunswick.  GUILTY plea October 2-16 to nine of 19 charges)

A previously scheduled court date on the Miramichi charges of 03 January 2017 at 1:30 pm for motions was cancelled when the Miramichi charges were transferred to Moncton  when Arsenault entered a guilty plea.  The next court date therefore is:

24 February 2017: sentencing hearing, Moncton Courthouse Moncton NB (45 Assumption Blvd)

Please keep the victims in your prayers.


There are other court dates from before and over Christmas:

(1)    Donald Grecco (Ex priest and previously convicted child molester – Diocese of St. Catharine’s. Ontario)

The next court date for Donald Grecco is:

26 January 2017:  pre-trial hearing (NOT open to the public), courtroom #1, Robert S. K. Welch St Catharine’s courthouse, St. Catharine’s, Ontario (59 Church St.)

Please note that this is NOT open to the public.  I will be able to find out the next day what the next court date is, beyond that we have no way of knowing what happens on the 27th.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Nathan Labatt (Former youth volunteer with Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry – facing charges in three jurisdictions in Saskatchewan)

There is no media coverage on the preliminary hearing which was held in Humboldt 19 December 2016.  Not a word.

I have a call in for information on the next court court date on the Humboldt charges and also to find out if Labatt has or has not been ordered to stand trial on those charges.  As soon as I have news I will post.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(3)  Father Robin Gwyn

As you may recall, there were two trials, one resulting in a guilty verdict, and the other in a guilty plea.  The next court date for both cases is:

 27 January 2017:  09:30 am, “to be spoken to,” Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 5 Court Street, Kingston

I’m not sure if this means that the sentencing hearings and sentencing will be conducted together ?

We shall see…

In the meantime, please keep the victims in your prayers.

(4)  Father Barry McGrory  (Previously convicted.  Archdiocese of Ottawa)

I have a call in to get the next court date for Father Barry McGrory.  As soon as I have news I will post.

Please keep the victims and complainants in your prayers.

(5)  Father Amer Saka (Priest with Chaldean Catholic Church in Canada facing fraud charges)

I will check tomorrow for Father Saka’s next court date (he had a court date 22 December 2016)

(6)  Eric Dejaeger (Ex priest, serial molester – member of the Oblates)

Dejaeger had a court date related to his attempts to attain legal aid to file an appeal.  I will check tomorrow for the next court date. Please keep his many victims in your prayers.

Today I unearthed a comment tucked away in the spam folder.  If you have tried to post a comment which has not made it through please try again.  Sometimes things land in the spam folder and I miss them.

And now back to dealing with some odds and ends which were on the go before the Christmas break.  More to come.


Freezing rain off and on throughout the day.  The tree branches are bending under the icy weight.  Pretty to behold.  Dangerous on the ground.  Those of you in and around the Ottawa area, drive and walk with care.

Enough for now,


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