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The Father Lindo Molon page has been added.  As you see, there are huge gaps.  I have been told by one source that Father Molon was sent to Ontario shortly after he was reported in the mid 70s, and that he was presumably going to become a chaplain with the military.  I can not verify that, but do know that he was listed at CFB Winnipeg in the mid 80s, so perhaps he did actually spend a few years as a military chaplain?

Mind you, it seems that if he was supposed to be gone from British Columbia that didn’t last for too terribly long.  He was, as you can see,  involved in the 1984 founding of the Filipino-Canadian Christian Society in BC (GIMILAMI). I think he must have been in the province to be so actively involved in the founding of the organization?  No?

There are years as you can see too where I can find no trace of Father Molon in Canada.  Then I checked the one and only American directory which I own (1993), – low and behold, there he was!  In Pensacola!  It looks as though he spent more than a year or two in the States, and then, low and behold, he’s back in Canada!

All strange.

How and exactly when he landed in the Kingston Archdiocese I have no idea.  Nor do I have any idea why he left Canada for the States.  Nor, for that matter, have I been able to sort out when he came to Canada.

Anyway, this is the information which I have been able to round up for now.  Once the holidays are over and people are back to work I should be able to find out a bit more.

Good for  the plaintiff for speaking up!  My thoughts and prayers are with you.


Happy New Year everyone.  The weather isn’t the greatest today so we are staying put.  We will celebrate with family tomorrow 🙂

May 2017 by a healthy, holy and happy year for each and everyone of you.


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