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First, the court dates:

(1)  Father Ronald Leger csv

Previously convicted Viatorian priest Father Ronald Leger csv had a court date on his new set of charges  this afternoon in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

13 December 2016:  1 pm (1300 hrs), courtroom #301:  Winnipeg Provincial courthouse (Main Floor, 408 York Ave.)

If anyone sees any media coverage on the outcome please pass it along.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

(2)  Marcel Lalonde

The next court date for former Cornwall school teacher and thrice-convicted molester Marcel Lalonde is:

19 January 2017:  10 am, to set next date for continuation of TRIAL which commenced 12 Dec. 2016, Cornwall, Ontario  courthouse (29 Second St. W., )

I don’t understand what is happening here at all.  There was a trial set for June 2016.  That was postponed until December.  There was a four-day trial set for December.  That was was cancelleled/adjourned/postponed whatever.  There was some mention of arraignment on 12 December.  Then it was trial on 12 December, and on 12 December only.

It sounds as though a trial did perhaps proceed yesterday, but without any media coverage and no eyes and ears in the courtroom it is hard to know if in fact the trial actually proceeded with witnesses called to testify and so on, or if the time was spent dealing with setting up future court dates, and perhaps addressing trial-related matters?

Why, I wonder, was there no media at the courthouse to cover this?

Anyway, we now know that another date has been set to pick another date for continuation of the trial.

How I wish I had been able to attend yesterday 🙁

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.

(3)  Nathan Labatt

There are two new court dates for former youth volunteer with the Archdiocese of Regina, Saskatchewan Youth Ministry and former Boy Scout leader Nathan Labatt :

Regina, Saskatchewan: 27 March 2017: 09:30 am,  preliminary hearing, Regina courthouse (1815 Smith St.)

Kamsack, Saskatchewan:  13 January 2017: 10 am, “to be spoken to,” Yorkton, Saskatchewan, courthouse (120 Smith St. E) (Please note that these charges are being handled in YORKTON)

Those of you within driving distance of the Regina courthouse, mark your calendars.  The public can attend preliminary hearings.  There will be a publication ban on all testimony and evidence, but you are free to attend.

As for Yorkton, sorry, I still don’t know what exactly is happening there. The trial was held 20-24 November 2016.  There has been no verdict as yet.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.

Now on to some information regarding Father Fred Olds .

The following document has been add to the Father Fred Olds page:

 Archdiocese of Saint Boniface summary of Father Fred Olds’s pastoral ministry

Note that Father Olds was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario.  That might explain the would explain the fact that in the early ’70s  he was working in Toronto?  He was ordained in 1975.  Early 70s would therefore have been before he was ordained to the priesthood.    I wonder, in fact,  if it was around the time that he was studying Theology at St. Michael’s College in Toronto that he was working as an emergency intake worker for the Catholic Children’s Aid Society in Toronto?  Or, perhaps he worked with CCCAS for a year or two before he began his studies at St. Michael’s ?  Anyway, bottom line is that Father Olds is an Ontario born and bred ‘boy’ so it’s no surprise that he was working in Toronto in the early 70s.

Note too that Fred Olds attended King’s College between 1965 and 1969, which, as a point of Trivia, are the same years during which Bishop Eugene Lar0icque served as Dean at Christ the King College (that was before a decision was made to remove Christ from the name of the Roman Catholic college).

Finally, note that Father Olds began to serve as Chaplain at St. Boniface Hospital in 1985.  Do you remember  that recently convicted Oblate priest Father Omer Desjardins had served as Chaplain at St. Boniface hospital for 24 years, and that his chaplaincy at the hospital started around 1987?    I am curious.  Did Father Desjardins replace Father Olds?  or, was there a spell when both priests were serving as Chaplains at the hospital?

Finally, on another matter, I am waiting to hear from someone in another diocese who is apparently going to clarify some information regarding the status of a certain priest.   It’s a rather strange situation – would like to have some questions answered before I say any more.

Enough for now,


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