A misunderstanding?

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Thank you to those of you who sent links regarding news that the OPP will not be charging Father Bill Moloney.    So very much appreciated.  Here is the coverage to date:

05 December 2016:  “No charges for Peterborough priest; diocese launches internal review” & related articles 

Please note the following para in the second article

Parishioners at Immaculate Conception Church broke out in applause on Saturday evening as they learned their parish priest had convinced police he was innocent of allegations of sexual misconduct.

I think this is perhaps a misunderstanding of what transpired.   It makes no sense.  Virtually every person accused of molesting a child  denies the allegations, plus, it is for the courts, not police, to decide guilt or innocence.   The job of police is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to lay charges.

Also note that the diocese is now conducting an internal investigation.

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2 Responses to A misunderstanding?

  1. HH73 says:

    I hope the truth comes out …. No one wants to see an innocent man accused, just as no one wants a victims complaints to be ignored.

  2. Gwen Johnston says:

    I attended Mass at Immaculate Conception on Saturday. There was no announcement and no applause for any reason.
    This writer has a misunderstanding of the issue.
    I am not surprised that an innocent man would be accused.

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