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Father Gary Hoskins has a court date in Corner Brook, Newfoundland tomorrow morning:

30 November  2016:  motions, Corner Brook, NFLD Superior Court (81 Mt. Bernard Avenue.)

I believe it’s for 10 am, but must admit I am not 100% sure.   If you plan to attend give the courthouse a dingle first and check on the time just be certain.

It is doubtful that Hoskins will be in attendance, but it certainly would be interesting to find out what the motions are about.  His trial is set for 21-24 March 2017, so the motions relate somehow to the trial.

Anyway, it would really just be great if someone could be there to find out what is happening.  Weather permitting, perhaps the Corner Brook Western Star will send a reporter?  I do hope so,

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


Jessica Beraldin had a court date yesterday.  I will try to find out when her next court date is.  Once I find out the information will be posted.

Please keep the complainant in your prayers.


I have further information regarding the Archdiocese of Saint Boniface Manitoba situation.  It’s late now – will leave it ’till morning 🙂

Enough for now,



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  1. Sylvia says:


    Father Gary Hoskins’ court date is in Corner Brook at 10am this morning

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