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Oh my dear goodness!  Previously convicted Father Barry McGrory has been charged!

25 November 2016:  Disgraced Ottawa priest accused of sexually assaulting yet another minor 

I was just about to get supper together and heard the news – had to get this posted!

I commend the complainant who found the courage to come forward.  I commend the other four who have, for whatever reason unsuccessfully,  been trying to get the ear of police.

Hats off to Rob Talach for assisting the complainants in their efforts to contact police.  I am sure there will be many who, like me, are keen to hear why there has been contact to date with those poor souls.  If they, the police, only had a smidgen of an idea how terribly difficult it is for these people to just garner the courage to contact the police period.  How unsettling for them to be left like this.  No call.  Nothing.

Not good.

Any, we shall see.  There may very well be a a very good explanation for this ‘oversight.’  I earnestly hope and pray that is the case.

And, in the hats off department,  hats off to Andrew Duffy for running that series in the Citizen.  So very important.  And a special thanks to you, Colleen Parish, for speaking up.

The long easy ride for Father Barry McGrory has come to an end.

There are other articles to post.  I will get at them later – for now, just really wanted to let you know that a molester who has eluded justice for years on end has been charged.  Guilty or innocent of the charges laid?  Well, I don’t know, do I?  But, I can tell you I am happy to see that he has been charged.  I am also saddened to watch the clips of an 82-year-old priest with a back-pack in the midst of winter out side the courthouse.  It should never come to this, should it?  No priest should be a molester.  Never.  It should be an oxymoron.  But is perchance the odd one slips through, well, they should have been defrocked as soon as the powers that be found out.  Never mind all of the idle chatter  of stripping of faculties and on and on.  He should have been out.  O.U.T.  For goodness sake I know that he was functioning as a priest in the Toronto area.   Whose doing, pray tell,  is that?

If , as ‘they’ often claim, there are difficulties getting the Barry McGgrorys of the Church ‘defrocked’ because of claims of  something or other in or about Canon law is prohibitive, then, for goodness, change the Code of Canon Law.  There are more canon lawyers running around here, there and everywhere than you could shake a stick out.  Do something really positive you canon lawyers.  If the claim is that we’re saddled with these predators in the Church because of the Code, then for goodness sake get to work getting that code changed so that these child molesters are defrocked as quickly as is humanly possible.  It’s really that simple.  Do it.  Please.  For the sake of the children.  For the sake of the victims.  For the good of the Church.  For the good of the priesthood.  For the love of God.  Do it!

But, “good” news.  Happy and sad at the same time.  Strange, as right as is it, there is never true rejoicing.  It’s the scandal unfolding, isn’t it?  The rocks being turned over?  The things which have been hidden in  darkness being brought to light?   Not pretty.

As I told someone not too long ago, it’s like lancing a huge boil.  Painful before.  Excruciatingly painful during.  Dirty and foul smelling as can be initially.  More pain.  Eventually, if all goes well and it keeps draining as it should and the core has been removed, blessed and welcome relief 🙂

My thoughts and prayers are with the complainant who came forward, and with those who are waiting for a call from police, and with those who may be trying to summon up the courage to pick up the phone and take that big step.

Time to get supper together.

Enough for now,


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