Can we in conscience continue to expose children to these scandals?

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It’s posted.  Finally 🙂

“Can we in conscience continue to expose children to these scandals”/  Levi Noel:  The Cover-up

As you see, I decided once I was working on it that it would be helpful to try to incorporate as much info as I have available into the timelines.  There is much more information to add.  I ask those of you who have other relevant dates of  sex abuse at the hands of Levi Noel and/or reporting to diocesan authorities or clergy to please contact me with the information or post a comment on the article.   If you are a victim and would like your name listed with the information, please let me know.  If you can fill in any gaps in the time lines, please do so.

That was a difficult one to work on.  Perhaps I will say more later – right now the main objective is to get it posted.

My thoughts and prayers are with all you men who endured sexual abuse at the hands of this wolf in sheep’s clothing when you were children.  Your courage in speaking up,  often breaking a fearful silence  imposed upon you as a child by Levi Noel himself and/or by a bishop of priest, has allowed us to see the horrific magnitude of the cover-up surrounding Noel and  the alarming lies, deception and horrific tolerance of  evil and sacrilege exhibited by some of the bishops.  Thank you.


Chaldean priest Father Amar Saka had a court date yesterday in London, Ontario.  I will try to on Monday to get the next courtdate.


Sorry, no call back regarding Jessica Beraldin’s next court date 🙁  I shall try again on Monday.


I mentioned a few days ago that there is more bits and pieces of information to add to the Father Bill Moloney page.  Now it’s time to get back to that.

Enough for now,


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