Wry humour?

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Well, the charges were laid and Viatorian priest and previously convicted child molester Father Ron Leger csv is facing eight more charges related to allegations by four men who allege they were sexually abused after meeting Leger at a youth centre which he once  ran.  The charges were laid 19 October.

16 November 2016:  Priest convicted of sexual assault seeks bail

Amazing.  There’s almost a little wry humour here.  Just look at this…

Leger, who was sentenced to two years in jail in February of this year on similar charges,  had, as unbelievable as it seems, been granted day parole in October.  But, it seems that no sooner was he granted day parole than he was arrested!  I don’t know if he managed to get one day out on day parole?  or maybe two or three?  No matter, he was taken into custody, and he’s been in custody – minus the perks of day parole – ever since!

So, yesterday (16 Nov), there he was, back in court,  fighting for bail!

The Crown wants Father Leger to remain in custody.  A more than  reasonable request I’d say.

Leger’s lawyer  argues that his client should be granted bail because, well, after all,  he, Leger, would still be on day parole and subject to restrictions!!!! He could just pick up where he left off.  Never mind the four new complainant and eight new charges.  Father Leger was granted day parole after serving those eight months of a 24 month sentence so he’s entitled to day parole.

I’m at a loss for words.  Truly, as you well know, I do have those days where I swear to goodness I’m living in La La Land 🙂

Anyway, Judge Cynthia Devine mercifully reserved her decision.  She told the court she would make it in the next two weeks.

So, no day parole for Father Leger, right now.  No day parole until the ruling comes down.  Back to the Headingley Correctional Centre he goes – and back he goes for night AND day.  No  hopping out of bunk/bed in the morning to dash out the gates for those exciting day time sortis around town or into the city or who knows where and with whom.  Not yet.  Not just yet.  This is, well, this little spell might just make it seem that he really is  serving those two years behind bars for raping the souls of those three poor young lads.   Yes, I think so.  This little spell is maybe going to be what  it was like before he applied for parole;  before he applied for parole because, well, because he just plain felt that clerical molester or no, he was entitled to be about and about and, relatively speaking for a convicted child molester, foot-loose and fancy-free .

Bail or no bail?

We shall see….

I commend the four men who found the courage to contact  police.  Well done.  I encourage anyone with allegations against Father Ronald Leger to contact police.

Please keep all the victims and complainants in your prayers

Enough for now,


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