Were they related?

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The name of Father Normand Dugas and link to page with further information has been added to the Accused list.

As you see, I have very little information on this priest.  Did he leave the priesthood in the ;ate 60s or early 70s?  Did he die?  Did he head out of the country to serve as a priest abroad?  Any information welcome 🙂

Also, does anyone know if Father Ubald Therialt and Dugas were related?  His god parents were Alfred Dugas and Edna Dugas. )  Father Theriault had a nephew with the surname Dugas’ and while I don’t as yet have it on the page I do recall that Father Ubald Theriault’s mother was a Dugas.

Any further info welcome.

Please keep all those alleging childhood sexual abuse at the hands of Fathers Normand Dugas , Arthur Gallien and Ubald Theriault in your prayers.


There are big changes in the Diocese of Pembroke Ontario, at least when it comes to those diocesan officials or reps who deal with allegations of clerical sexual abuse.  It’s a whole new ‘team.’   Well, perhaps “team’ is not the right word, but, the two key ‘players’ are gone and replaced.  I will give what info I can find tomorrow.


Former Catholic high school teacher Jessica Beraldin had a court date in Ottawa this morning (Monday, 17 Oct.).  Ten to one this is a standard case of adjourned and put over to another date.  I will check tomorrow.  If there is a new court date it wil be brought to your attention.

Enough for now.



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