A ten minute rant/ ‘apology’

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Here it is.  News on Father Jacques Faucher‘s court date of yesterday (Tuesday, 04 October 2016):

04 October 2016:  “‘I ask forgiveness’: Ottawa priest makes courtroom apology for molesting boys” & related articls

Yesterday, as it turns out, was a sentencing hearing, not sentencing.  Sentencing is to come. Yesterday was time for victims to present, or have their victim impact statements read to the court on their behalf.  As it turns out, it was also occasion  for Father Faucher to ‘apologize’ – or at least present what was  supposed to pass as an apology to his victims.

I say presumably because from what I read, this clerical molester’s apology and request for forgiveness is far and away from anything that any rational human being would  constitute as either apology or request for forgiveness.  Instead, from what I read,  Faucher fulfilled what was probably his lawyer’s request to apologize, thereby setting the groundwork to try to mitigate sentence with the claim that, well, the poor dear man is  overwhelmed with remorse and has publicly sought forgiveness.   Further to that, he, Faucher,  seized the opportunity to boo hoo over recent coverage of local clerical sex abuse scandals and cover-up by the local media!

I get the impression that this clerical molester went off on a bit of rant.  A ten minute rant to be precise.

Ten minutes!

Would that that had been ten minutes of beating his breast, and weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth in recognition of and sorrow for  the long-term damage he had inflicted upon those little boys so many years ago.  Not.

I do believe he actually implied that his victims are money grubbers?  Do you get that impression?    With  his words being translated from French to English, it’s hard to tell, but  I got that distinct impression the first time I read the article.  I was horrified.    Did he truly have the gall to do that?  I have read and reread and, sad to say, I do believe that he  did.

Whatever.  This ‘man of God’  has raped the souls of children to satiate his own perverted lusts,  betrayed his flock, Church and God,  and lived a lie for most if not all of his priesthood.

The Crown has asked for a sentence of 18 months in jail.  Defence is asking for a conditional sentence.

What can I say?  What value do we place on the safety and well-being of our children?

Enough for now,


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