Verdict Thursday

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The verdict in the Father Robyn Gwyn sex abuse trial will be rendered tomorrow morning:

Thursday, 29 September 2016: 10 am, VERDICT to be rendered,  Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 5 Court Street, Kingston

Please pray that justice is done.  And, as always, please pray for the complainant.

A reminder too that Father Gwyn has a second trial less than a month away:

24 October 2016:  10 am, Ontario Superior Court of Justice, 5 Court Street, Kingston

{You may recall that I ordered transcripts from the first trial some time ago.  Nothing yet.  I sent an email off to the court transcriptions yesterday.  As yet, no response.  I will  call tomorrow to find out what is happening.]


My husband and I drove down to Watkins Glen to attend the funeral of Paul Likoudis.  Initially, and for various reasons, it looked as though we would be unable to attend the funeral, however, late yesterday afternoon previously closed doors opened 🙂  We were on our way to the States at 8 pm!

So many thoughts during the funeral.  So many memories.   Such a good bold and fearless man, who truly  loved God, his Church and the truth.  What a blessing to have known Paul.  I admired and respected him so much.   I actually realized during his funeral  Mass that it was through Paul that I subconsciously understood that it is possible to, on the one had,  be a Catholic who loves his /her Church, while on the other being a Catholic who recognizes and exposes corruption within the Church.  I never realized that until today 🙂   Thank you Paul!

Paul is buried in a cemetery high on a hill overlooking Montour Falls and surrounding area. The view from his grave is magnificent.    I know it matters not to him now, but   I honestly couldn’t help but think that Paul would love it 🙂

Rest in peace Paul.  You will be missed

My thoughts and prayers are with Paul’s family.

Enough for now,


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