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A new trial date has been set for previously convicted child molester Father Gary Hoskins:

 21-24 March 2017: TRIAL, Corner Brook, NFLD Superior Court (81 Mt. Bernard Avenue.)

There is also another court date set for motions prior to trial:

30 November 2016: motions, Corner Brook, NFLD Superior Court (81 Mt. Bernard Avenue.)

Father Hoskins , who, despite his 1987 conviction, is  still a priest with the Diocese of Corner Brook and Labrador (formerly the Diocese of  Saint George’s, Newfoundland ), has been working as a social worker  in  Missassuagua, Ontario since 1995.  A reminder too that after his short spell in jail and time in Southdown, and prior to his employ as a social worker, Father Hoskins was given safe haven in the Archdiocese of Toronto Ontario by Cardinal Emmett Carter.  Carter saw fit to recycle Hoskins to St. Anne’s in Brampton, Ontario.  He served as a priest to unsuspecting and no doubt trusting  parishioners at St. Anne’s  until his past caught up with him when when a visitor from Newfoundland spotted him in the sanctuary.  When shocked  parishioners heard the news, he denied.

Please keep the Father Hoskins victims and complainants in your prayers.


The next court date for former fugitive from justice Frank Selas/”Mr. Wonderful” is:

07 October 2016:  09:00 am, “contradictory hearing,”  Rapides Parish courthouse (701 Murray St, Alexandria, LA 71301, United States)

I’m not sure what the contradictory hearing is about – did find two articles online which may be of some help -see here, and here .  If any of you Americans can shed more light on this please do :).

A reminder that Selas, who changed his name to Szeles during his years as a fugitive, is a former lay teacher at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo Japan.  SMIS is operated by the Canadian branch of the Brothers of Christian Instruction.

Please keep the complainants in your prayers.


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  1. Sylvia says:

    Here’s at least a part answer to the question regarding the Frank Selas “contradictory hearing”:

    21 August 2016: Hearing ordered on mysterious phone call in ‘Mr. Wonder’ case

    Small [Selas’ lawyer] filed the motion regarding a mysterious 1994 telephone call someone placed to the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office, asking whether the charges against Selas still were active and if the former children’s television host would face prosecution if caught.

    Unfortunately I am unable to find any news online on the outcome of the hearing which was scheduled for 07 October.

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