What was he doing at St. Joe’s?

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Things have changed since I last ordered transcripts.  No matter, I finally got it all sorted out and have placed an order for portions of the transcripts of the Father Robyn Gwyn sex abuse trial.  There was testimony which I missed and/or testimony which I want to get verbatim rather than rely on memory.  It will probably take a little while 🙁  But, it’s done 🙂

There are portions of the testimony which I can and will still cover without the transripts.  I am quite certain that I have enough in my notes and memory to do so, so, now that I know where I stand, I will do so 🙂

One thing which has really been playing on my mind is the testimony of Bonnie Henderson, a retired teacher and former teacher of Danny, who told the court that the first time she met Father Gwyn was “about” 15 years ago at a Mass at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in Ottawa.  According to Ms. Henderson, Father Gwyn was there “greeting people.”

What in the name of goodness was Father Gywn doing at the Oblate-administered St. Joseph’s in Ottawa?  I wonder if she had her dates right?  Was it actually 2001?  No matter, that’s where Ms. Henderson met Father Gwyn.  Whatever the reason,  he was at St. Joe’s.  And he was greeting people.

If anyone knows what took Father Gwyn to St. Joe’s please let me know. I truly am curious.  (I believe that’s when Father Chris Rushton omi was the Provincial?  )


Hot hot hot days.  And humid.  The air conditioner is straggling to stay on top of things.  Trudy struggling.  I pity and often think of those without air these days.  It must be sheer torture.

Meanwhile Windows Live Mail is no longer supported by Microsoft, so that is causing major headaches with emails from Sylvia’s Site. I’ve been working at it and will eventually have it resolved, – but, oh my… what a nuisance for some who’s as technologically challenged as I!

And encountering other software issues 🙁

Oh joy!!!!


Aside technological  headaches there is lots going on, I am just not in a position to make comment .  Some day, by the grace of God, everything will be out in the public domain!

Enough for now,


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3 Responses to What was he doing at St. Joe’s?

  1. Ann says:

    He often went to Ottawa. His parents lived there (now des ceased).

  2. Ann says:

    Think he was raised in Montreal. I don’t think he ever lived in Ottawa.
    He did live north of Kingston before and after his ordination.

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